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How to Prepare Before Your Move to Cherry Hill

Before you make the big move to Cherry Hill, our New Jersey movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage Cherry Hill have created a guide to help you prepare. We know and understand the stress that goes into moving, so let us help you!


Hiring New Jersey Movers

One of the first things you should do to help you prepare for your move to Cherry Hill, is to make sure you have a professional moving company ready to help you move. Moving is stressful as it is, don’t try to plan everything on your own. Enlist the services of a moving company to help get you from point A to point B. All of our Cherry Hill movers are trained in the art of moving and we offer local services as well as long-distance!


Creating A Schedule

Once everything has been sorted and you have hired your New Jersey movers, creating a timeline, schedule, or an inventory can help with the stress of moving. Everything becomes a lot easier when you have a schedule to follow. A schedule is just an easy way to make sure you are completing all the tasks necessary for your move, checking things off once they are completed. Be aware, though, that despite your plans, you may run into a situation you didn’t anticipate, so just leave a little room in your timeline for the unexpected.


Create a Budget

Creating a budget is an efficient way to make sure you don’t overspend on small items you don’t need. You would be surprised how much you spend on all the extra things you think you need to move. It’s easier to refrain from overspending if you have an actual number for reference, you can calculate how much of your budget is going towards all those little items. Our Cherry Hill movers know that moving can be rough for you and your family, so we work with you and customize a plan within your budget.


Packing Up Your Home

If you are packing your household items by yourself, start at least six weeks prior so that you have enough time to sort through your items. Packing is usually the most daunting aspect of moving, but our New Jersey movers have a packing service to help you, providing all the proper packing supplies you need for your move to Cherry Hill.


Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage Cherry Hill, we understand the importance of making sure you are prepared for your upcoming move. Contact us to learn more about our other moving services and our free, no-obligation moving quote.