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How Moving Can Affect Your Child

Moving can be a nightmare, and it can take a toll on not just you, but also your children. The effects of moving can be drastic, but the good news is – there are also pros that out way the cons of moving with children.

Recent studies have shown that moving can affect a child’s development depending on the age range. Children who are in early adolescence, between the ages 12 and 14, suffer the most when it comes to moving. Negative outcomes for early adolescences range from suicide, drug abuse, and criminal activity. These rates also doubled when children are moved multiple times in a year.

Children become depressed not because of the actual move itself, but because of the stress that goes into moving. The idea also of starting a new school and making new friends can bring anxiety and rebellion for early adolescences. Understand that this is a process and takes time. You child may be acting out because they do not want to leave the peer group they are in now.  

Initial Understanding

A New Jersey moving company like All My Sons Moving & Storage can help the transition of moving boxes, where we alleviate unwanted stress on how to pack, and what to do with packing in general. New Jersey movers take packing and shipping items into their own hands, so you can focus on this time to talk to your children about moving. Show them the new and exciting things that will be in your new Cherry Hill area!

Explain What’s Going On

A move to Cherry Hill might have been your idea, but children might not take so kindly to this new transition. Encourage them to talk about their feelings, let them feel comfortable to come to you, even if it is about how they do not want to leave where they are living now. Explain to your children why your move to Cherry Hill is necessary, why a New Jersey moving company is taking their personal things out of the house, and where they are taking the items. Make it an adventure, or even a fun game!

Look for Signs and Symptoms

Younger children have a harder time of being able to express their feelings when compared to children who are 12 and older. Look for changes in appetite, social withdrawal, sleep disturbances, drop in grades, and other erratic behaviors your child has never shown before.

Effects Doubled

If this new move is happening because there was a sudden death, divorce, need to change schools, or a loss of income, children might have these rates double due to an unexpected reason for moving. Talk to your pediatrician about possible medications or ways your child can help cope with this move.


However, these outcomes do not happen for all children. There are ways in which you and your family can ease into moving. Remember to find a New jersey moving company like All My Sons, so you can focus on the health of your child.

A move to Cherry Hill is exciting, and our New Jersey movers are there to help! Contact us so we can help you and your child into this new and exciting transition.