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Should You Hire Professional Packers

While moving day can be stressful, it’s usually not the most tedious part of your move. Packing up for a move, whether it’s local or long-distance, can be a big headache for many families and businesses. We know nobody enjoys the packing process, which is why our Charlotte full-service movers can take care of all the packing for you. Wondering if it’s a good idea to hire professional packers for your move? Here are some signs that hiring professional packers from our North Carolina moving company is the right move for you.


You’re Moving a Business

Commercial moves can be especially complex, which is why most businesses choose packing services from our Charlotte moving company when they’re relocating. Rather than having employees spend important time packing up your business for a move, let our movers take care of the packing so your business can maintain its productivity.


You Want the Highest Moving Insurance Coverage

Most moving companies offer some degree of automatic insurance, generally 60 cents of coverage per pound. If you’re looking for full-coverage moving insurance, or if you have more fragile items, it’s best to leave the packing to your North Carolina Moving company. This is because some higher-level moving insurance plans are only applicable if your Charlotte full-service movers pack up everything for you.


You’re Moving Long-Distance

Long-distance moves mean that your items are in transit for much longer. Any improper packing techniques can become major problems on a long-distance move. Let our North Carolina moving company take care of the packing for you so you can rest easy with your long-distance move.


You Want the Best Packing Supplies

Our packing professionals use the best techniques and supplies for your move. If you want to make 100% sure that your items are protected with the best possible moving supplies in the business, count on our professional packers. We only use top of the line packing supplies in our packing services.   


You Just Don’t Want to Pack

While the above reasons are all indicators that it’s time to use professional packing services from our Charlotte full-service movers, simply not wanting to pack is another reason to give our pros a call. Packing can be tedious, and there is no reason to undertake the process yourself if you simply don’t want to pack up everything on your own. Take a break and let our pros take care of the packing for you.


If you’re ready for a stress-free move, you can count on our Charlotte full-service movers. With our professional packing services and complete moving care, you won’t have to worry about anything when it comes to your move to, from, or around Charlotte. Call us today for your free, no-obligation moving quote!