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Pros and Cons of a DIY Move

It is time to prepare yourself for the move to Charlotte and you are considering doing it all by yourself. But what all goes into do-it-yourself moving? What are the pros and cons of do-it-yourself moving? Our Charlotte local movers can help answer this question for you, so you can make the best decision for your move.

How Do You Make a DIY Move?

Do-it-yourself moving is exactly what you think it is – moving your belongings on your own. DIY moves are some of the most common moves that people make. For some, it’s easier to pack and move their belongings on their own because they’re not going far, or because the cost of a moving service is too high. All that’s needed to complete a do-it-yourself move are the right tools, and our Charlotte packing supplies are just the perfect fit! We offer not only moving boxes, packing peanuts, and tape, but also dollies and moving blankets to keep your items safe.

Pros of DIY Moving

As mentioned, there are a lot of positives to do-it-yourself moving. Our Charlotte movers have listed some of them here so that you can easily weigh out whether a DIY move is right for you!

- You have complete control over the entire move

You can plan it however you want, work around your own schedule, get friends and family to help if you need it, and be comfortable in knowing what goes on at every moment of the move.

- You do not have to hire or pay movers

This could potentially save you a good chunk of change. Not having to hire professionals means you don’t have to worry about contracts or sifting between different companies.

-You do not have to file a claim if something is damaged

Do it yourself moving means that there is no one to blame if something is broken, damaged, or stolen during your move. Though you will always move your belongings with care, sometimes accidents happen. In a DIY move, if something breaks you can replace it right away without having to file an insurance claim with a moving company or purchase moving insurance.

Cons of DIY Moving

Like everything, there is a downside to do-it-yourself moving. As professional movers, we urge you to consider these cons of moving yourself. We understand that hiring a moving service can be a hefty expense, however, the downside of DIY moving can end up costing you much more.

-The responsibility of the move is entirely on you

You could have to purchase a bunch of supplies and tools that you may not already have. All the organization and heavy lifting are yours to complete in do-it-yourself moving; that could be very exhausting.

-Doing it yourself could potentially cost you

DIY moving can cost you equal to or more than the cost of hiring a full-service mover. After purchasing tools and supplies, adding the cost of gas between trips to and from the new home, possibly renting a box truck, and other expenses, you could, very realistically, spend close to if not more than what it would cost for you to hire movers. At that point, it would be well worth hiring a mover.

-You are risking physical injury

Getting hurt, perhaps ending up in the hospital could very well set you back a great expense and time if you decide on do-it-yourself moving.

-You are also risking damage to your belongings

Not only could this damage potentially cost you a pretty penny, but it also may not be repairable or replaceable! Do not let yourself risk any damage during your DIY move, your Charlotte residential movers will keep your belongings protected and safe.

-Lack of insurance for the move

If anything were to happen to you, your belongings, or either the home you are moving out of or the one you are moving to, the damage could cost much more money than you are willing to spend for repairs or other care. With professional movers in Charlotte, your belongings, your home, and even you are protected by the insurance!

Ultimately, whether you opt for do-it-yourself moving or hire movers in Charlotte is all up to you. However, we encourage you to stick with the pros. We will get your move done with quick and efficient ease, saving you time, money, and most certainly boatloads of stress! Do not risk your well-being, entrust All My Sons Moving & Storage with your move—give us a call today for your free, no-obligation quote.