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NYE Party Games for Adults

Though celebrations have been to a minimum this year with the spread of the coronavirus, there are still several reasons to ring in the new year safely. There may not be many big New Year’s Eve parties downtown, but you can celebrate at home with family or a couple of close friends as the clock inches closer to midnight. We know that New Year’s Eve celebrations may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! Our Charlotte movers have a list of four New Year’s Eve party games for adults to play while ringing in the new year.


New Year’s Eve Party Games for Adults

When it hits 9:00, and the kids are put down for bed, it’s time for the adults to party! These New Year’s Eve party games are sure to provide you and your guests a good time. No need to buy board games or prizes; everything you need to get the games going is already in your home.

Highlights of the Year

All you need is a bowl and some pieces of paper for this New Year’s Eve party game. Get everyone in the party mood with this fun game where you reminisce about 2020 by asking them open-ended questions. You can either make these cards yourself or get printable ones online.

The Name Game

This fun New Year’s Eve party game for adults is like charades and is also easy to play and put together.  All you need to do is get a large bowl and a few strips of paper. Then, you and your guests all write down names of either celebrities, historical figures, or each other. Next, you can break into teams or take turns giving clues as to whose name is on the paper.

Loaded Questions

For some laughs this New Year’s Eve, try playing Loaded Questions! This game is fun for couples to see how well they know their partners and for friends to see how well they know each other, too! As with all the other New Year’s Eve party games, you can either make these questions yourself or find them online.

The Resolution Guessing Game

Find out what everyone’s resolution for 2021 is when playing this New Year’s Eve party game. The catch is that everyone writes their resolutions down and puts them in a bowl or jar. One person is designated to pull them out, and everyone has to guess whose resolution belongs to whom.


Our residential movers in Charlotte know that there are plenty of other New Year’s Eve party games that can be played to make your New Year’s Eve exciting and fun and we hope that you come up with others to play as well. If you are planning a move in the upcoming year, give our full-service movers a call! We can tell you more about our services and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.