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Moving with Your Pets to Charlotte

When a person is moving long-distance, whether they fly to the new location and meet the professional Charlotte long-distance movers at the new house or they decide to drive, they and the movers make sure everything is in order before, during, and after the move. However, when you are moving with a pet and need to travel far, you may be wondering how to pull it off. You have the option to bring your pet along for the drive, but have you considered shipping your puppy, kitty, or other pet? It takes time, organization, and a lot of proper paperwork but it just might be the best option.


Ensure Your Pet Is Up to Date with Vaccines

Before you list your pet with an animal relocation service or you ship your puppy on a plane, proper paperwork needs to be filled out. Make sure your pet is up to date with their rabies vaccines and other shots that are important to not only your pet, but others who interact with your puppy. Many places will not accept your puppy if it does not have the completed paperwork proving that they are rabies-free and up to date on vaccines. This is also protecting your puppy from other animals who may not have been vaccinated themselves.


Review Rules and Regulations

When you are trying to find out how shipping a puppy works you need to take the location into consideration. Many international countries have stricter laws about bringing animals from the United States into their country. Talk with the local embassy and make sure you know their rules and regulations. You also want to talk to the airline you are using about how they take care of animals when shipped. You want to provide your puppy with a trip that is comfortable enough for you and them. Keep in mind that many animal relocation services and airlines won’t accept puppies that are under 16 weeks.


Things to Remember

Once you have found out that your puppy has met all the requirements listed under the rules and regulations, you can proceed with your trip. Remember to invest in a crate that is comfortable enough for your puppy. Flying on a plane can be scary for your pet and a long-distance drive is daunting, so a comfortable crate with their familiar bed, blanket, and some toys will help. It’s important to hydrate your puppy constantly with enough water because certain breeds get overheated easily. Also, be aware of what your puppy can and cannot withstand; never push your little furry friend into something it is not ready for. It’s best to microchip your puppy before the move just in case anything happens during transport. There have been many cases in the past where pets don’t end up where they were supposed to, often due to fraud or scams. If you are using a pet relocation service, give them as many details about your pet and their needs to make sure they are properly taken care of during their trip.


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Learning how shipping a puppy works is a lot to take in. Plan accordingly for the move and choose a trusted pet relocation service you can rely on to get your furry little guy to the new house safely. Welcome your puppy to the new house with some of their favorite treats and play with them so they can feel better after the journey. Contact our friendly Charlotte movers to learn more about the moving services we offer and get a free estimate today.