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Moving with Young Children

It is hard for adults to move as it is, but children cope with a move in a completely different way. Depending on the age of your child, moving can have a profound effect on your children socially. Our North Carolina moving company is here to help you with some tips to help your child get through the big move.


Talking About the Move

According to Kids Health, the most important way to prepare your child for the move is to start talking to them about it in advance.1 It’s important to be honest with your child and give them all the relevant information. Let them ask any questions and speak to them truthfully, even if the answer is something they might not like. Allow them to voice their opinions and validate their feelings. When you provide them with the information as much in advance as possible, they have more time to come to terms with it and they can say goodbye to their old house and neighborhood in their own way.


Involvement is Key

Moving with young children can be difficult since they don’t have a say in the matter. Involving them in the different stages of the move, however, can make them feel included and heard. Let them participate by having them tag along during your house hunt, asking their thoughts about the houses you visit together. Who knows, they might point something out you would have otherwise overlooked. Allow them to make certain decisions, like which bedroom they prefer and what color to paint the wall of their room or play room. Once you know where you’ll be moving, show your child the school they will attend and the parks that are close by so they can start imagining their life in the new neighborhood. If you’re moving closer to family, let them know they’ll be closer to grandma and grandpa or their cousins.


Pack While they Are Sleeping

While the children are at school, at a friend’s house, or sleeping, start the packing process. When you’re moving with young children, even though you want to include them in the process, sometimes it’s easier to complete certain tasks without having to worry about your daily parenting responsibilities. Packing while your child is occupied allows you to focus on the task without stressing while they’re busy, resting, and coping with the move in their own way. You can also take advantage of our Charlotte packing service, which will help you pack your belongings and then unpack them in your new house. We not only pack and unpack, we also have a Charlotte packing supplies service that provides the proper packing supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, padded quilts and more!


Have Surprises Waiting

Prepare a little surprise and have it ready at the new house once you arrive. What kid doesn’t love a little surprise? It can be as simple as a few balloons, a toy, or some of their favorite treats. If you want to indulge them a little more, perhaps you could adopt a pet you know they would like. Letting them see something new and exciting when they first step into their new house can help them warm up to the new living situation if they associate it with a positive feeling.

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Charlotte local movers understand the importance of family, which is why we deliver quality service as we help you move with a child. All of our movers are family-friendly, and we understand the fears your young children might have. Contact us to help you get through this moving process and to learn more about our other moving services.



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