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Moving Insurance: The 411

Ensure that your insured during your move to Charlotte.

Amidst the mayhem that is moving to a new home, getting coverage for your belongings may fall to the wayside. This can be hazardous for your move, and can make packing a waste of time if your goods are damaged or lost.

Don’t fall for the common misconception, either; you may have homeowner’s insurance, but that doesn’t cover property that is damaged or found missing during your move.

Your movers in Charlotte have laid out the basics of moving insurance so that you can make a well-informed decision on what kind of insurance coverage you should get for your move:

There are three kinds of coverage packages to consider:


Released Value Coverage
This package is the minimum required by federal law, and it’s free. Though it will cost you nothing, the coverage is based on the weight of an item, reimbursing damages at 60 cents per pound. This may not be helpful for many of your items if they’re lost or damaged, especially your lighter gadgets like phones, tablets, and laptops.


Full Value Protection
According to your North Carolina movers, this service must be purchased by the individual who is moving, and is also provided by federal law. It covers the replacement and repair of your belongings should something happen to them during your move to Charlotte. For example, if an old refrigerator is damaged, it will not be replaced by a newer version. Rather, the replacement will have an equivalent valuation of the altered good.


Separate Liability Insurance
Several moving companies, such as your movers in Charlotte, offer liability packages. These do not count as insurance packages, though, since moving companies cannot provide those. Instead, these are variables and can be purchased through the company as agreements upon what the company will be liable for and what actions should be taken afterwards should an accident occur. Usually, these pay for the insurance amount purchased minus the basic carrier liability package.


There is still more to consider during your move to Charlotte, though.

There are some instances in which moving insurance does not cover damages, such as in natural disasters or in storage facilities. Also, if an item is altered which was not moved by the movers, it will not be covered either.

If you decide to take on the task of moving yourself, no insurance is necessary, though. While this does save money, you will be left to pay for the replacement or repair of your compromised goods on your own.

That’s why it may be a wiser and potentially more cost-efficient decision to choose a moving company like your All My Sons North Carolina movers in addition to an insurance coverage option. This way you can rest assured that your family belongs are safe and insured.