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Get Crafty With It: Creative Ways to Reuse Packing Supplies

When you move to Charlotte, there are many packing supplies you’ll need to make sure everything makes it safely. Our North Carolina movers use top quality packing supplies to help with your move. But, what can do you do with all the boxes, padding, and packaging you’ve used once your move is complete? Here are some tips from our North Carolina movers for reusing those packing supplies.


Boxes & dividers.

Those boxes you bought for your move to Charlotte can still be useful after you complete your move. You can store items you may not use so often, like holiday decorations. In fact, those box dividers you used to transport your glasses and mugs make the perfect dividers for storing Christmas ornaments. If you have pets, you can also build the secret hideaway for your furry friend by decorating your old cardboard boxes. With some markers and a little creativity, your pet will have the perfect home!


Packing peanuts.

Packing peanuts are perfect for their ability to cushion items in boxes during your move. So, why not take that benefit and make actual cushions out of your packing peanuts? Our North Carolina movers suggest taking extra packing peanuts and filling under-inflated pillows or cushions with them. You can also decorate packing peanuts with paint, glitter, and other supplies to bring a festive look to your home.


Bubble wrap.

This packing supply comes in handy for Charlotte relocation services, and it can be useful once you move to your new location. Consider using bubble wrap on its own as a stress-reliever. Because who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap?! You can also place some bubble wrap at the bottom of louder pieces of furniture to make them glide more smoothly. You can also turn bubble wrap into window insulation or your very own bubble wrap calendar, where you pop off numbers for each day. To do this, roll bubble wrap out on top of a piece of paper, and create 12 descending rows of numbers, one row for each month. Then, write in the month and the corresponding number of days per month. Lay bubble wrap over and viola, you’ve got your very own bubble wrap calendar.



That tie-down rope that you used to secure items during your move can turn into stylish home décor. Macramé is a big decorating trend, and there are some simple DIY macramé designs you can create using leftover or recycled rope and tie-downs from your move.


There are many ways to reuse your packing supplies after completing your move to Charlotte. Our North Carolina movers hope these tips are useful after you’ve moved to the area. You can always donate unwanted packing supplies or offer them up on apps such as Letgo.