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Common Mistakes People Make on Moving Day

The moving process is not always the most fun list of tasks out there. But it’s not always the most complicated process either—just a long list of relatively simple tasks. Everyone wants their move to be quick and simple, but it doesn’t always go quite so smooth. It appears many people tend to make the same old mistakes, time and time again. Just about all these mistakes are avoidable, and you may not even realize you’re making them. Here’s a list from our Charlotte movers at All My Sons regarding some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them!


Not Allowing Enough Time. This is likely the absolute most common mistake people make. If you’ve got a family of four, two weeks is not going to cut it for you—heck, it likely won’t even cut it if you’re just one person! We need to begin the moving process as soon as we know we’re moving.

This includes setting-up daycare for the kids, getting a pet-sitter, booking assistance from Charlotte movers, enlisting other help, organizing all your belongings, packing up your non-essentials, and many other things you can get done sooner rather than later. You’ll see that plenty of these things are also included in the rest of the list!

Not Organizing. It seems like a no-brainer, but it happens. Do not forget to organize, and organize properly. This includes rounding-up your belongings and labeling boxes. You should get an inventory list written down. Categorize your list room-by-room and/or by item type (electronics, bedding, knick-knacks, mugs, silverware, writing utensils and stationery, etc.) Write down all the items you have and are moving to the new house or putting into storage. This will help you out bigtime in the long-run.

Forgetting Utilities. Many people tend to forget scheduling a shut-off day/time for their current home and a turn-on day/time for their new home. Remembering to do these things will save a ton of stress and will help to avoid expenditure of extra money. In other words, forgetting can cost you a pretty penny!


Not Taking Measurements. Or eye-balling your measurements. Oh yeah—you thought that couch was 6 feet long, but it turns out it’s 6 feet and 3 inches long. 3 inches doesn’t sound like very much, but that could be the difference between one trip and two trips or saving money and losing money. It could also cause a whole lot of extra hassle, and nobody likes hassle!


Not Forwarding Your Mail. This one is incredibly common. You don’t want somebody to be getting your issues of National Geographic for the next year, do you? Of course not. Charlotte movers suggest you remember to get to the post office and have your address changed and all your mail forwarded to the new house. Or, you can do it online by changing your address on the USPS website.


Not Crunching the Numbers. Let’s face it, math is like moving, in that it’s not always very much fun. Sometimes, it’s not exactly that easy, either! However, getting your numbers right is a crucial step in the moving process. Get your quotes, make sure you know how much money you need for a moving service, supplies, gas, food and drink, as well as everything for the new home. Don’t forget your security deposit, rent, utilities costs, set-up fees, mortgage payments, property taxes. Any kind of money you have to spend, you need to be sure of it! Your best bet is to calculate lowest reasonable efficiency at maximum reasonable cost:

Not Keeping a Schedule. A huge mistake people make is not keeping or creating a schedule to which to adhere. Essentially, your schedule is a task list. Just as important is allowing yourself a little time to rest, too! Your schedule should be an hour to an hour and a half of work, then roughly a 15-minute break, repeating throughout the day until the move is done (or until the work for the day is done.) You must watch out for yourself—this way, you’ll stay energized and be able to complete the move efficiently.

Don’t forget, also, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will get this move done and you will be able to relax and enjoy your new home when it’s all over. It’s understandable that, at times, the stress of the tasks can become overwhelming—but there is a light to look forward to!

Also, Charlotte movers suggest keeping in-mind that you can always invest in a little help. That’s what All My Sons Moving & Storage is here for! If you find yourself short-handed, pressed for time, or easily overwhelmed, give us a call! Whether you need a few supplies, a couple extra hands, or full-service assistance, you can get your free, no-obligation quote today.