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Best Neighborhoods for Young Families Moving to Charlotte

Moving can be difficult but choosing a new neighborhood can be even more difficult.

This is especially true when you have young kids to keep in mind and a growing family to consider. You’ve probably spent hours online scrolling through neighborhoods to live in before your move to Charlotte. Schools, jobs, parks, entertainment—these are just a few of the factors flooding your computer screen and your mind.

How can one person do it all? How can a family not only pack up their life and move to a completely new place, but carefully choose that new location, too?

As North Carolina movers, All My Sons has some information to ease your minds. Before your move to Charlotte, there are several outstanding neighborhoods. A few stick out as places where kids will want to venture outside for a bike ride and parents will feel comfortable allowing them to do so.

This first neighborhood in Charlotte is Ballantyne West. This family-oriented expanse of suburban homes is a great place for a young family. Do not be intimidated by the pristine cleanliness of the homes – this neighborhood is known for its young families.

In addition to dozens of coffee shops and restaurants for parents and kids, Ballantyne West is home to many top-notch schools. One of these is the highly-regarded Ardrey Kell High School. The community has an extremely low crime rate, too. Also, you should not forget to pack a picnic and take the family to one of Ballantyne’s beautiful parks!

The neighborhood is also located near Carowinds, Charlotte’s 400-acre amusement park. A day-out at this renowned amusement park is perfect for a young family wanting to bond and engage in the community.

These North Carolina movers also suggest another great neighborhood for families just starting out. Scenic and better – geared towards more outdoorsy families, Mountainbrook is just as beautiful as it sounds. Covered in an array of woodsy terrain, houses stand amidst tons of sprawling trees and greenery. If you’re hoping to steer your young family towards becoming more outdoorsy, or if you’re simply hoping to get your kids outside more often, this is an ideal neighborhood.

Not only does Mountainbrook look like a postcard, but it has a few well-known libraries and dozens of A-rated public and private schools. Amongst these schools is even a music academy for your musically inclined kids.

Another neighborhood to consider during your move to Charlotte is Belmont. According to the neighborhood website, Belmontcharlotte.org, the area contains over 800 homes full of diverse and friendly families.

Learn to garden with your family and take part in the Belmont Community Garden. Get your hands dirty as you create lasting relationships with neighbors and spend quality time with your own family.

Whether you prefer more suburban surroundings or more natural scenery, Charlotte has plenty of neighborhood options for your young family. The one thing this diverse range of areas has in common is that they make expansive communities feel like close-knit families.