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Tasks to Tackle Before Your Movers Arrive

You’ve already hired your Charleston movers to get you into your new home, but there are a few things you should get done before they arrive to get the move going. These things are not just simply a list of courtesies, but they may potentially save you a good deal of money and keep you from some headaches in the future after you’ve finally moved into your new home!

Sort Through and Get Rid of Some Stuff

Surely, there are some items you don’t need or want, or perhaps aren’t worth the cost of moving. Naturally, you’ll be throwing out all your trash (unless you’re Oscar the Grouch), but you should also separate the items you love, must have, and can’t live without from the items you couldn’t care less about, don’t really need, or are not really useful to you. You can always sell them, donate them, give them to a friend, or throw them away.

Especially if you’re contracting long-distance movers in Charleston for a move from relatively far away, be sure that you are finishing all your food and perishables or that you’ve only got enough to last until moving day. If you have a huge supply of canned goods, it may be more worth your money to donate them and buy more after your move, because canned goods could add a great deal of weight, costing far more money to move than you may realize.

Organize Your Stuff

You don’t necessarily have to get down to individual subcategories and you certainly don’t need everything set up like a supermarket. You should be sure that your belongings aren’t all scattered about or in places they shouldn’t really be. Make sure everything for your bedroom is in your bedroom, everything you need for the living room should be in the living room, bathroom stuff in the bathroom, and so on. Not only will your Charleston movers appreciate it, but it will help get your move to Charleston done much quicker this way.


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