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Packing Tips for an Easier Move

As you may already know, moving isn’t always the simplest process to get through, and because it’s a bit of a challenge, it can make for a lot of stress, making the move that much more difficult. So, we here at All My Sons have come up with a few helpful packing tips to make your move to Charleston easier.

Don’t Wait!

Whatever you do, make sure you do not let yourself put the packing process off for even a moment. Procrastination causes for a lot of stress and, ultimately, a frantic scramble at the last minute to get everything done as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll finish, the more relaxed you will be throughout the whole process.

Use Packing Labels

Labels are a mega time saver. Maybe not so much for actually packing-up, but for organization and for the unpacking portion of the move. Knowing what’s in each box and where each box belongs is a major help, which will help to reduce stress and any other headaches associated with your move to Charleston!

Pack Room-by-Room

Doing this will allow for you to essentially create a checklist or task list or to set goals during the packing portion of your move. If you go room-by-room, you are focused on one spot at a time, as opposed to roaming about the house and slowing yourself down by allowing a certain degree of confusion to overwhelm you. This way, you can check-off each room on your list, set timely goals, and make the move quicker and much more efficient.

Utilize the Proper Materials

When you’re packing your belongings up, you don’t want to damage them, so you’ll want to get ahold of the proper materials to protect them and transport them safely. Purchase different sizes of boxes for different items and rooms, perhaps get plastic totes or re-usable containers, get your hands on a good deal of tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. You can always obtain the right packing supplies in Charleston from your Charleston local moving company too!

Hire a Mover

Especially if you are still working through your move, you shouldn’t worry yourself so much with a move as much as you would without a mover. Don’t do it yourself so much—get a professional packing service in Charleston to help you out. Choose residential movers in Charleston and get expert help. It is very well worth the money to not have to stress, to not take more time to finish the move than you’d like, to possibly fall behind at work, or to risk overwhelming stress, injury, or damage to your belongings. There’s a reason moving companies exist!


We hope that this helped you out quite a bit. We sincerely want you to remain safe, stress-free, and not have to worry about risking injury to yourself or damage to your items. Our professional full-service movers in Charleston will treat you as part of our family and will ensure that you have the top-quality move you deserve! For a free, no-obligation quote today, give us a call at (843) 202-4860 and allow our family to move yours!