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How to Quickly Unpack in your New Home

You are finally moved into your new home and you have officially survived moving day. The stress of transporting all your items to your new home has reached an all-time high at this stage of the process. Now you are left with an empty home filled with moving boxes that you probably feel too exhausted to unpack at the moment. There is a way to unpack your belongings quickly so that you can enjoy your new home and city as soon as possible. The Charleston movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage share with you how to make your house a home by quickly unpacking all your belongings.

Room by Room

While it’s important to execute the unpacking process room by room, you should also start unpacking the most essential boxes first. Items that you will need immediately like toiletries should be unpacked first. Hopefully you have already organized and labeled your boxes appropriately because you will have an efficient unpacking experience if you can easily locate each box. We suggest that you start with the kitchen. You should set up your appliances so that you can start to utilize your kitchen right away. You will also save money by not relying on take out for meals during the first few weeks in your home. You can save the fragile glassware for later and move on to your bedroom. Bedroom furniture should be set up first and then you should unpack all your bedroom boxes. To speed up the process, you should not unpack your seasonal clothing and store this box for future use. Once you have unpacked and organized your bedroom, it’s now time to tackle the bathrooms and living rooms. These rooms can be saved for last since the items in them are mostly used for decoration and not immediate use.

Stay Focused and Enlist Help

The Charleston movers also suggests that your family helps out during the unpacking process. Each member can unpack their room items and the process will run smoothly this way. It’s important to stay focused while you are unpacking because it’s really easy to get distracted and this will only prolong the process. You will feel so relieved once the whole home is completed and you can start to focus on decorating each room once the unpacking is complete. You should also get rid of packing materials once you take out your items. This will only cause extra clutter and slow down the process if you start to get disorganized.

We hope that these unpacking tips help you with your next move to Charleston! For more information on the moving and packing services we offer, contact the Charleston movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage today. We can handle your entire move from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We want you to enjoy your new home immediately!