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How to make Moving Fun for the Family

There is no secret that moving is not the most enjoyable activity one can do with their family. There are so many tasks and responsibilities that need to be handled that the excitement of moving to a new home can be overshadowed. What if the Charleston movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage told you that you can make moving fun for the whole family? Follow these tips from our moving experts to get the entire family excited for the upcoming move.

How to Make Packing Fun

There are ways to incorporate fun during the packing process and your children will want to help put more if they can enjoy the “work”. You can assign certain rooms to your children and allow them to decorate the outside of their moving boxes. Make sure they label the boxes and they can design their own colorful labels with a little creativity. You can also reward your children with packing breaks that include fun dance parties with the entire family or an ice cream run for all the hard work that has been completed thus far.

We also suggest that you create a packing music playlist that the whole family will enjoy during the process and a little music will help distract everyone from the hard labor being performed. Our Charleston movers recommends that you set aside some moving boxes for your children to really get creative with. For example, kids can create forts or race cars out of the cardboard boxes and this will be sure to make the moving process more fun and unique for the children.

Unpacking Fun

There are things you can enjoy as a family to lessen the stress or anxiety surrounding the big event. Once moving day arrives and you are all settled in, our local Charleston movers suggest you establish a movie and/or game night in your new home. Watching a movie or playing a favorite game can really make the new house feel more like a home. Get everyone involved and let one member of the family make the decision every week.

When it comes to unpacking all moving boxes, let your children unpack their bedroom items. They will have fun organizing their room and placing their favorite belongings where they want them to go. Your kids will be able to express their personality by decorating their own room and you can help out smaller children with this task.

While moving to a new home can be overwhelming and stressful, there are ways to incorporate fun during the process. By having each family member help out and contribute, you will be able to speed up the packing process to ensure an efficient move. For more information on the packing and moving services our Charleston movers offer at All My Sons Moving & Storage, contact us today. We can handle the entire moving process so you don’t have to worry about a thing.