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Hidden Moving Fees: Everything You Should Know

Believe it or not, hidden fees do not need to be hidden! You can always ask about them. You should always be wary of hidden fees and any extra costs that may be incurred onto your bill. Any reputable business, especially your Charleston movers, will not allow their fees to remain hidden. In many cases, hidden fees are simply fees that are not fully understood, although some businesses do incur extra fees for nonexistent or absolutely arbitrary services in order to make a couple extra bucks off of you. These fees may even seem miniscule to you, but they add up!

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we understand that moves aren’t always easy. We know it can be a stressful time already, and that’s why we do not allow any of our fees to remain hidden or go without being understood. So, when it comes to contracting a full-service mover in Charleston, be sure you don’t fall for hidden fees! Ask about how your money is being used, even if you decide to hire us. We won’t hide a thing from you.

Get a Breakdown of Costs

That’s right! You can get one of those. If you decide to test the waters with other moving companies in Charleston, be sure to get a breakdown of the costs so you know exactly what you’re being charged and for what services each charge applies. If there’s something you don’t quite understand, get an explanation from your mover. Now, if the mover with whom you’ve inquired is not comfortable with releasing the information as to how they’re utilizing your money, remember that it Is your money, and take your business elsewhere.

If your mover is hesitant or flat out refuses to give you a breakdown of costs, answer your questions, or gives unclear answers, ask to speak with a superior or simply make your way to the next Charleston mover. You shouldn’t have to deal with hidden moving fees!


We know you want to be taken care of and that you want your move to be done swiftly and with graceful efficiency. That’s where All My Sons Moving & Storage comes in. We are the premier South Carolina movers—the best movers in Charleston!

We have over 30 years of experience in the moving industry; our family understands how to work with you and your family. We will give you a breakdown of our costs and answer any questions you may have. Our promise is that you will get the best moving services in Charleston, and we will hold to it! Give us a call today for your free, no-obligation quote at (843) 202-4860.