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Moving to Bellevue, NE

What is the Weather Like in Bellevue, NE?

Moving to Bellevue, NE? Plan for the weather in January to be around 18 to 30 degrees, with wind speeds about 10 miles per hour, and expect an average of 11 days of snow. Going into February, the weather does not change much, but when you hit March, the temperatures generally rise to a high of 50 and a low of 34 degrees. There will be fewer snow days but expect more rain. Bellevue’s weather in April jumps 10 degrees in range, and there are barely any snow days. Yay! By May, the temperatures range from 54 to 71 degrees, and anticipate a bunch of rain, so pack an umbrella! When June hits, the average cloud cover drops from 45% to 28%. It’s the perfect time to soak in the sun. When you are midway through the year, temperatures even out in July and August. Then it starts to fall after that about ten degrees a month until December. The cloud cover follows suit, and the percent creeps upward; however, at a much slower rate. Bellevue, NE, gets about 17 days a month of rain showers in July and August. Typically, as fall approaches, the rain turns to snow, with about an average of 9 snow days in December. If you are ready to move to this picturesque region, call All My Sons Omaha Moving & Storage.

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