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Making Your Move To Arkansas Stress-Free

Are you considering moving to Arkansas? Before you relocate, All My Sons Moving & Storage has a few pros and cons you should consider. One benefit is the low cost of living, and Arkansas has consistently ranked in the top five cheapest places to live in America, as the cost of living is 10-15% lower than the national average. Secondly, Arkansas has one of the lowest state property tax rates. Lastly, Arkansas has beautiful natural scenery and is the perfect destination for an outdoor enthusiast. Popular leisure activities include hiking, biking, boating, camping, fishing, hunting, water skiing, and canoeing. 

Sounds ideal, right? Well, before you start looking for moving companies in Arkansas, weigh the cons. Arkansas has a high sales tax; however, this may not affect you if you are past your high consumption years. Moreover, the Arkansas public school system is not top-rated due to a lack of top-notch educators and funding. If you have school-aged children, you might consider moving somewhere else or look into private schools.

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving to Arkansas?

All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests the first thing to do is make a floor plan for your new home. Decide what items you can fit into your new home and which ones you need to leave behind. Make sure it is legible because this map will be useful on moving day. Once you have your floor plan, start organizing your belongings into four piles: trash, sell, donate, and keep. Be aware that there are proper ways of throwing away unwanted items, especially hazardous waste. If you believe you can earn some money for unwanted items, try OfferUp or similar apps to help make a few bucks before moving. For the slightly used items you are willing to donate, reach out to one of the charity organizations. Some organizations even offer home pick-up. As for your keep pile, be sure to label these items well. Write what contents are in the box and what room you want them in the new home. All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests taking pictures of wire set-ups to make it easier to rewire, and for furniture hardware, use a plastic bag and tape it onto the corresponding pieces. 

Now it is time to contact All My Sons Moving & Storage Arkansas movers! Call to get a free, no-obligation quote. Tell us about any specialty items you need to be moved, like a piano or grandfather clock. You will also need to determine the level of insurance coverage you prefer. If moving in or out of an HOA, contact the building management for rules and regulations you have to follow. Lastly, certain Arkansas cities may require you to obtain a parking permit on the day of the move. 

Who Do I Need to Tell When I Move to Arkansas?

It is important to notify your employer right away. You should change your information for payroll, request time off for the move, and see if you are eligible for any job-related expenses or tax deductions. If you have any house employees, such as for lawn or pool care, you should give each of them a few weeks' notice to seek other employment. If you have children, you will need to transfer their school records and enroll them in the Arkansas school system. If you have pets, schedule a visit with your vet to obtain all their vaccinations, records, ID tags, and medication. 

It is important to contact your utility companies, including gas, electricity, cable, garbage, water, and sewage. You will need to have the final meters read when you finally depart from your home. It is also a good idea to have some important numbers on hand in case of an emergency, such as the police, fire station, public safety, public utilities, and other public departments. There are a few additional and important contacts to reach out to, so for the complete list, check out the All My Sons Moving & Company Moving Checklist.

What Should I Do Two Weeks Before Moving to Arkansas?

You are on the countdown moving to Arkansas! The last-minute loose ends that need to be tied up are returning library books, picking up dry cleaning, checking fire alarms, backing up your computer, and cleaning your home. If you have too much food that will not be eaten before the move, you should donate it to a food bank. Also, create a moving kit that will hold your keys, directions, valued possessions, and personal information. Remember to check the weather forecast, unplug your freezer to defrost it, and drain your water hoses. Finally, make sure to have your utility meters read on your last day of residence.

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