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Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we understand how important it is to find a moving company you can trust when relocating. With so many local and interstate moving companies to choose from, it is clear that there is no shortage of options. But before hiring, consider what questions to ask moving companies and the type of relocation services you may need. We asked our professional packers in Albuquerque for some advice on the five most important questions to ask your movers.

Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before Hiring


Are you a licensed moving company?

To avoid rogue movers, this is such an important question to ask your movers. All interstate moving companies should have a license number issued to them by the United States Department of Transportation. While most local moving companies are regulated by the state, be sure to ask to view their state licensing. Each state has different licensing and regulations, so do your research and don’t be shy to ask these important questions when hiring movers.

Do They Have Liability Coverage?

Our licensed and insured Albuquerque movers recommend that before handing over your personal belongings to the movers, be sure that there is liability coverage in case there are any damages during the relocation process. While interstate moving companies are required to offer two types of liability options, local companies are not so lawfully mandated. Nonetheless, professional moving companies should have numerous options for you to choose from. Whether you are moving down the street or cross-country, ensure your items are properly handled with this great question to ask your movers. This includes asking to see their proof of insurance, as well. You also have the option to purchase third-party moving insurance from a separate insurance company.

What are Your References?

Another important question to ask your movers is about their references. Do your homework and research the moving company prior to signing a contract. This includes looking at online reviews and asking friends/neighborhoods for recommendations. When you find a good opportunity, another question to ask your movers is to see their references. Any professional moving company should be able to offer this information and answer any other questions you may have.

Is the Moving Quote Binding? 

Another important tip for hiring movers is to ask if the moving quote is binding or a not-to-exceed estimate. This is such an important question to ask your movers to ensure there aren’t any surprises at the end on your bill. Depending on the company or type of move, the quote may be a rough estimate or non-binding, meaning that the estimate of your move may be subject to change, depending on actual costs. Double-check with the moving consultant to confirm how you will be charged.

What Moving Supplies Do I Need?

Make sure the company has all the equipment you need for your move. Important supplies to consider include a moving truck, packing supplies, and transportation equipment. Most moving companies do not supply boxes and tape, so make sure to ask your mover what they are providing and what you need to prepare for.

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