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Why Does My Kitchen Sink Smell Like Sewage?

From time to time, you may notice a not-so-pleasant odor coming from your kitchen sink. Though the smell may terrorize your home and family for a little while, getting rid of kitchen sink smells is a lot easier than you think and oftentimes does not involve hiring a plumber. All My Sons Albuquerque Moving & Company can help you to get rid of nasty kitchen sink smells to get your home smelling fresh and clean again!

How to Get Rid of Kitchen Sink Smells


Find the Source:

Before you can get rid of the foul odor in your sink, you will first need to identify the source of the stench. The most common culprit? Rotting food. If your kitchen sink has a garbage disposal, this could be the source of the scent. Sometimes food gets stuck in the disposal and begins to rot.

Other times, oil and grease from cookware settle in the pipes and trap food particles that would otherwise be washed away through the drain. You can get these kitchen sink smells to go away by cleaning out the drain or the garbage disposal.

Use Hot Water and Dish Soap:

The fastest and easiest way to eliminate kitchen sink smells is to use hot water and dish soap. Start by plugging the sink with a stopper and filling with hot water until it is halfway full. Add some dish soap and then remove the stopper. Run the disposal as the water drains.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar:

Pour one cup of baking soda down the drain first and then pour a cup of vinegar down after. Wait for 10 minutes and boil a pot of hot water in the meantime. Once the water has boiled, pour it down the drain to help flush out any remaining residue.

Use Citrus Peels, Ice, and Salt:

Citrus is a great way to get rid of kitchen sink smells and leave your home with a tropical scent. Start by throwing some ice cubes and a handful of coarse salt down the drain, while running the disposal for 10-15 seconds. This mixture will help scrape off any food that has gotten stuck to the inside of the disposal and drains. Add some citrus peels (orange, lime, lemon) to the disposal and run it again with water for a fresh kitchen sink scent.

If after trying these solutions, you still notice kitchen sink smells, you may have an issue with your plumbing and will need to call a plumber.

Our Albuquerque movers are here to not only help you get rid of annoying kitchen sink smells but also help you to get settled into your new home. Contact us for any of your moving needs!