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How to Leave Your Tile Floor Spotless

Are you a week away from moving out and cleaning up the mess you’ve left behind? Or maybe you’ve just arrived at your new home and realized the old tenants left it a mess. Regardless of your situation, All My Sons Albuquerque Moving & Company understands how careful you want to be with tile floor. If not properly handled, you risk scratching the tiles or damaging the grout, which could lead to more than a few headaches. It’s important to know how to clean a tile floor with the appropriate amount of care, time, and supply.

Our local movers in Albuquerque have seen a thing or two. We know how to clean up after themselves. When you choose All My Sons Moving & Storage, you choose the most capable and courteous servicers in the moving industry. We make sure everything is left and transported as-is, so there’s no need for stress. Let’s take a deeper look into how to clean a tile floor.

Supplies You’ll Need to Clean Tile Floors

- Broom/Dustpan

- Rag/Chamois mop

- Bucket of warm, soapy water

- Dry rag

- Scrub brush

How to Clean a Tile Floor


1. Sweep the Tile First 

Before you scrub away at your tile, it’s important to get rid of all the leftover dirt and debris on your tile floor. If you don’t, you risk grinding away at the tile with unseen pieces of glass or rock. Make sure to grab a broom and a dustpan and sweep the area thoroughly before throwing down the suds.

2. Ready Your Suds/Change Regularly

Now that your floor is clear of loose dirt, it’s time to start getting into the nitty gritty. You needn’t buy a specific soap or disinfectant. Grab some all-purpose cleaner or dish soap and mix it in a bucket with warm water. Don’t be afraid to dump the bucket out and refill it after you see the water turn murky.

3. Be Gentle While Mopping

Dip your mop in and start moppin’! It may seem counterintuitive – especially if the scuffs run deep into the tile – but you need to take it easy with your mop. Tile tops can be surprisingly fragile, and you’re best off using long, gentle strokes rather than digging into the dirt. Make sure to get into a flow to make sure every part of the floor is cleaned.

4. Dry your tile tops

Take your dry rag and get rid of the residue moisture on top of the tiles. To save yourself some time, start from one end of the room and work your way backwards. This will help you cover your tracks. You may need to get on your hands and knees, so dress accordingly.

5. Scrub the Grout

If there are crevices between each tile, grab a scrub brush, dip it into the bucket and start getting at that grout. You’ll probably see a drastic change in the tint of the grout, from dark brown-gray to a lighter shade once dried. After you’ve covered the grout, take that same drying rag and mop up the leftover water.

And voila – you now know how to clean a tile floor! If you’re cleaning your floor in preparation of a move, let our Albuquerque residential movers be the ones to help you out! contact us today for your free, no obligation quote.