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Décor Trick: Just Add Curves!

Whether you realize it or not, almost everything about your home is likely designed like a box. Your house, your tables, your shelving and cabinets—all of them contain corners and perpendicular angles that make it more boxy than soft. The Tulsa movers challenge you to take on a new design idea: incorporate some curves into your décor! It’s easier than it sounds, as well, because there is plenty of curvy round home accents that you can pick up to add geometric dimension to your home. The Tulsa movers are here to teach you, so read on for expert tips on making your home more “curvy!”

Mirrors.  Mirrors are a tried and true decorative statement, and they often come in large, cumbersome wood frames or dainty wire frames. In lesser styles, there are rounded frames. A round mirror is a great way to pull natural light and to mix up the shapes in your space. This is an easy way to soften a room.

Furniture comes in rounded shapes too, like arc chairs and cylindrical coffee tables. Ottomans and poufs are also great round furniture pieces that can break up the monotony of a room’s geometry.

Rounded shapes can be eye catching and make an impact, so you can incorporate them in small doses and still get the maximum effect.  Staple pieces like a round dining table or a semi-circle hallway table are easy ways to warm up otherwise empty areas. Little accents can be just as effective, too: think vases, globes, pottery and voluminous candle stick holders that can each offer a piece of rounded romanticism.

Additional areas to use rounded pieces: Lamps with rounded bases or rounded shades can be an interesting and modern take on an otherwise jagged and Victorian style, and of course rounded bar stools lend a warm and inviting appeal to an island or bar area in your home.

We recommend looking at your current setup and ensuring you have something round in each room that warms it up and elevates the aesthetic appeal of the place. If there’s nothing round, it is time to swap something out and add some circular style.