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Home Improvements Before Moving In

Moving into a new home can be very exciting, stressful at times, but mostly people anticipate the experience. If you have a good team of professional movers and a reliable moving company by your side, the local Salt Lake City moving specialists you should be settled in no time. When it comes to home improvements, people typically opt to them once they're living in their new digs for a while. However, the All My Sons of Salt Lake movers say there's definitely something to be said to be doing them before you actually move in. You may not be able to tackle the bigger project, for example remodeling your kitchen because you'd like to save up a few years, but smaller projects can be done. For example, something that's easily handled is changing the exterior locks of your new home. We never really know how many people have a set of keys to your new house, this can include the previous homeowner, their close family members, realtors and even older owners. It's important that you have a locksmith install new high-security locks and new set of keys. If the locks that are already there are really good, you might be able to re-key them.

The local Salt Lake City moving specialists remind you that bathrooms and kitchens are also easily updated before you move in. Adding new faucets, new shower heads, even countertops and sinks can be simply enough. If you take on these projects before moving in, you'll save yourself the hassle of being uncomfortable the first few weeks while getting settled. If the old wallpaper or paint is not to your liking, that's definitely something you want to do before moving in. You don't want to be breathing in toxic air from the paint or wallpaper removal products, especially if you have younger children at home and sensitive pets. Plus think of how much easier it is without having to cover furniture or work around boxes. Flooring should be done before as well, from removing carpet to putting new wood floors, it's so much easier when you have a clean slate to work with. Nothing laying around and getting in the way.

If organization is very important to you then you might want to set up any system in your closet space before moving in and placing your clothing and accessories inside. The unpacking of the items will be easier if you use wardrobe boxes. Storage of any type for that matter can be done before you undertake your residential move. You can apply hooks, install shelves and apply other methods to help you with storing the things you've accumulated through the years. When you're finally ready to move in, call the local Salt Lake City movers for an easy move. We're a professional moving company with reliable movers who are backed by four generations of moving specialists so you have nothing to worry about. All My Sons of Salt Lake City have experience in all types of moves including auto moves, commercial moves and long-distance moves so you're definitely in good hands.