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Tips for Staging a Home

If your house is on the market, you should be making it as presentable as possible to potential buyers. Before you’ll be ready to contact any Raleigh movers, you’ll have to get the paperwork signed from the new owners. Here are some tips for staging your home so people will be lining up to make an offer!

Say Goodbye to Clutter

The number one best thing you can do before a showing or open house is to get rid of clutter. You want your home to feel peaceful and clean, not chaotic and dirty. People want to imagine making your house their home, so don’t distract them with your messiness. A good rule during this time is that every time something comes into the house, something else has to go out. You’ll also be grateful to have less stuff when your Raleigh movers show up to take you to your next home!

Give Extra Rooms a Simple Makeover

While you may never go in the extra bedroom, potential buyers will. If you have a room in the house that is unfurnished or full of junk, take some time to make it feel cozier. You can add a chair and a lamp to make it a reading room, or add a yoga matt and mirror to make it an exercise space.

Move Your Furniture

If you walk into most homes, you’ll find furniture pushed up against the walls. Most people think this makes rooms appear bigger, when it can actually make them feel much more cramped. Instead, try “furniture grouping.” This means taking your furniture and placing it away from the walls, nearer to the center of the room. There should be plenty of room to walk around, but the room will seem much more airy.

Make Your Home Seem Bigger

There are certain visual tricks that make areas appear larger than they are. One of these tricks is to paint adjacent rooms the same color. For example, paint the kitchen and dining room the same color to make the area feel like one space.

Keep it Neutral

You may love the color orange, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants a living room wall the same hue as a pumpkin. Make sure your walls are painted in a fresh, neutral color so potential buyers can imagine their own furnishings and decorations in your house.

You also should get rid of anything that could be potentially controversial. Many people are offended by animal heads or taxidermy, so put that stuff in storage while you’re showing the house. Don’t let your son keep his bikini posters on the wall. Remove photos with politicians, awards from political groups, or anything else that may turn off a potential buyer.

Use the Power of Three

Accessories can often make or break the design of a room. When it comes to decorations that are pleasing to the eye, it’s best to use odd numbers. Hang three mirrors in a row on the wall or place three candles on a table to make it appear more inviting.

Showing your home to potential buyers can be stressful, but there are plenty of simple ways you can get ready for a showing. Use these tips to keep your stress level at a minimum.