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Tips for Moving in with Your Significant Other

Are you finally taking the big leap and moving in with your significant other? Then prepare to enjoy some of the most exciting times in your life, along with some of the most unexpected.

Considering that All My Sons Moving & Storage Raleigh has been moving people for over 25 years, we have picked up a tip or two along the way regarding how to make moving in with your significant other go as smoothly as possible. Make sure that this is one of the happiest times of your life with these tips for moving in with your significant other.

Take a good look at all your stuff. Using your Raleigh movers to cohabitate together means having to deal with relocating twice as much stuff. More often than not, you will quickly realize that you have duplicates of a majority of the items in your home, such as two toasters, two sets of silverware, and two dinner tables. Before you pack everything up and send it on its way with your Raleigh moving company, sort through all of your belongings and decide what you have, what you are keeping, what you are selling, what you are donating, and what you are tossing out. While this may seem like a daunting task, do not put it off until after you have already used your Raleigh movers. All this will do is add to your total moving cost and add hours to your total moving time.

In order to make the weeding out process that much easier, check out this Pre-Move Checklist from All My Sons Raleigh:

Take an inventory of both apartments.

Decide together what to keep, sell, donate, and toss.

Measure all of your belongings.

Map out how much total square footage you will need.

Decide whose place you want to move into.

So, will they move into your place, will you move into their place, or will the two of you find a new place together? Take into consideration factors such as neighborhood amenities, work commutes, pet accommodations, and any other must-haves. When using your Raleigh movers to relocate to a new home with your significant other, it is usually best to find a new home together; by doing this, neither of you will feel like you are impending on each other’s space, and like your new home equally belongs to both people in the relationship.

Make decisions together. Since two people are involved in using Raleigh movers instead of just one, it is extremely important to make decisions together. Especially since moving costs money, you want to make sure that both of you are able to decide on things such as what to toss, and how to furnish your new place. Write down on a list of everything you will need to decide together, and then take a day to plan out when you can knock everything off your to-do list – together.