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Feng Shui Your home

With the help of a Lemondrop article , All My Sons of Raleigh movers are giving you mood-boosting, feng shui rules that won’t bust your budget. The first rule is to love what you have a round you or get rid of it. When you look around your home, everything you see should be items and things you love. When you have things you love all around you, you have a beautiful life surrounding you. You’re enveloped by things you like, things you’re happy about. If there are things around the house that you don’t like or that bring you down, get rid of it, you don’t need the negative energy.

Lighten and uplift is the second rule. If you’re feeling a little ‘blue’ or ‘heavy’, look around your house. Do you have any heaving things hanging over your head, like pots and pans in the kitchen for example or a large piece of art over your head in bed. On a more unconscious level, this can make you feel threatened and you can feel like situations are bearing down on you. Make sure your address numbers slope upward and positioned horizontally because a downward address can bring you down.

Lemondrop online says chase away the shadows. The article says there a certain area around everyone’s home that are more in the dark, more in the shadows. Corners, hallways, kitchen cupboards and so on. The article suggests you turn on the light on those specific places, maybe add a lamp or two in the hallways and so on. This will make the place more feng shui-ed. The Raleigh local moving specialists also learnt that you shouldn’t block a doorway with furniture, it should have the full range of its motion. This way you won’t get a feeling of limitation. If you want to be even more in all things feng shui, don’t have anything hanging on the doorknob or hooks.

Your front door should look it’s best. Paint it, add a bell even a welcome mat if you have to. It’s the first impression to your home and should set the tone for who’s inside. Don’t forget to add a touch of freshness and color. Think plants, fruit bowls on your dining room table, even bamboo stick in water. The Raleigh movers hoped this article helped with mood-boosting tips for you and your home. The next time you need moving services, remember to get online and get your free affordable moving quote from the Raleigh moving crew.