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3 Reasons to Choose Climate Controlled Storage Units

If you are storing your belongings for an extended period, you may want to consider different storage unit options. For some people, regular units will fit their needs just fine, however temperature controlled storage units may be the better choice for you and the protection of your belongings. Climate controlled units keep your belongings at a safe and steady temperature, no matter the exterior conditions. Combining the benefits of this storage unit with durable packing supplies, you can be sure that your items will stay safe. Regular storage units that are not located within a building have a high risk of the surrounding climate to negatively affect the inside items. Moisture and dust can accumulate inside the space resulting in damage of your precious belongings. Our Raleigh Movers give you three reasons why you should choose a temperature controlled storage unit for your next move.

Control of Humidity Levels

If you live in an area with a damp climate or a place with extremely dry air, humidity can be a huge concern for normal storage units. Any wooden furniture has a high chance of warping and becoming damaged under these conditions. Metal appliances have the potential to rust and documents and pictures can accumulate mold. To protect your belongings in this situation, temperature controlled storage units are the perfect solution for keeping your items safe. On the other hand, too little humidity has the potential to destroy leather, wood, and various electronics. A climate controlled space allows for regulation of temperatures to avoid disasters in the end.

Long-term Storage Needs

If you are looking to store your items for an extended period throughout multiple seasons, there is no way to guarantee safe humidity levels and regular temperatures occurring from outside. In a normal storage unit, extreme temperatures have the power to damage your belongings even if they are tightly packed in boxes. Below freezing weather and record-breaking heat will affect the conditions inside a unit without any temperature control. These specialized storage units are usually accessed from inside a building, which reduces the chance of dust and bugs entering. Our Raleigh Movers suggest that you consider temperature controlled storage units if you need to store your items for the long-term.

Fragile Items Protection

Fragile and valuable items require special attention and care before being put into storage. Not only do you have to provide extra padding and cushioning in the boxes, but the proper storage unit conditions can play a vital role in the protection of these belongings. The last thing you want is to have your sentimental items damaged because of the outside weather conditions creeping in. temperature controlled storage units will shield your items from extreme humidity levels and ensure the highest level of safety. For high-valued items and electronics, we recommend you use this option because it’s important to be better safe than sorry in the long run.

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