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Pittsburgh Movers Timeline Part 2 – Packing

Packing can be rather difficult and time consuming: decluttering your entire home, sorting everything out, getting a hold of the right packing materials, properly wrapping all your breakables, labelling properly and the list goes on. On the other hand, packing is exciting and a great opportunity to trim down your possessions and take control of your life. To tackle this astonishing feat, all you need is some guidance and a timeline to refer to whenever you might lose focus or lose track of things. You can use the timeline created by the professional packers at All My Sons’ Pittsburgh packing company, or create your own customized packing timeline based on our ideas. Start reading and let the packing begin!

Four Weeks (or more) Ahead of Moving Day

At this point you should start packing everything you’re not going to use during the last month before moving to Pittsburgh. Our Pittsburgh packing company suggests that out-of-season items, specialized tools and equipment, extra supplies and collectibles are the things that should be packed at this point.

Three Weeks Ahead of Moving Day

Now, you should focus on all the non-essentials- pretty much the things you won’t miss if they are packed away in boxes for a few weeks. All My Sons’ packing service professionals suggest that you can start by packing artwork and decorations. While your place won’t look as nice without these items that are used to set the atmosphere in your home, you want to give yourself a good amount of time to pack them because they usually are very delicate and fragile. Start packing books at this point. You should set aside your favorite reads, and pack all the other books away. Make sure to use small, sturdy boxes when packing your books because they can get heavy quickly. You should continue your packing with specialized kitchenware. Take the time you have to start packing any fine china, crystal glasses or anything that you only use on special occasions.

Two Weeks Ahead of Moving Day

According to your Pittsburgh packing company, it is time to pack any other infrequently used items that are not packed away yet. These may include: board games, jewelry, office supplies and your linen closet. Obviously, you want to leave out at least one set of sheets and towel per person and pack everything else.

One Week Ahead of Moving Day

This time is crucial, because the clock will be ticking faster than ever. Start packing all electronic devices except for your laptop and TV. If you don’t mind going without a TV for a few days, you can pack it up and just watch everything on your laptop. Next, you want to break out the plastic utensils and paper plates because at this point, you should be packing all your kitchen items. Make sure every family member has enough clothes to last for the next few days and pack everything else. Continue packing everything else that is important: medicines, toiletries, documents, etc.

Moving Day

Clean and pack all the furniture pieces you are going to be moving to Pittsburgh. You will also be packing your bed on the morning of moving day, along with the sheets and blankets you slept in. Since everything you’ve kept out until this day is essential to you, you should set aside a few extra boxes to pack these items in so you will have them right away when you get to your new house.  

This packing timeline should help alleviate any stress during the packing process when moving to Pittsburgh. Should you choose to forgo packing yourself, make sure to call your local Pittsburgh packing services to get the job done for you.