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Prep Your Garden for Spring

It is a sight that residents new and old to Omaha look forward to each year: the snow melting away. While winter is beautiful, it can get old quickly, especially when you are in the middle of a move. You have a city to explore, boxes to move, and maybe even a garden to plant. If you can’t wait to get your hands in some fresh Omaha dirt (or gardening gloves), then your Omaha packing and moving specialists know how to get you started!

Garden prep. On the first warm day, you may have the urge to run to your backyard and start digging immediately, but don’t do it! The soil will be extremely wet from all of the snow and lack of sun, so it will need to dry out first. You do not want it compacting up on you. Once you give it time to dry, you should dig up any dead plants, roots or weeds. This is an important step, because if any of those old plants had diseases, you need to prevent them from passing it on. You should also rake up any leaves that have fallen across the yard. Check your fences and make sure that there is no damage or holes. The last thing you will want after your garden is complete, is for critters to sneak in and ruin your flower beds!

Get to planting. If your backyard is fairly large, you will want to map out what you are going to plant, to ensure that you have enough (or not too many) flowers, shrubs, plants and herbs. Figure out what sections of your yard receive the most sunlight and plan accordingly. When planning, start with trees (if you are planting any), since they take the longest to grow. Then, move on to bushes, perennials, herbs and vegetables. Try not to choose anything too fussy or invasive. If you are dead-set on planting something that may quickly die, plant it in a plastic container, and bury the container instead of the plant. Then, if it dies, you can easily replace it. When you are picking out what to plant, involve your children. They will love helping you choose flowers!

The extras. If you are planting an herb garden, you can make simple garden markers with chalkboard paint, to easily identify what is what. Get plenty of wooden paint stir sticks, and coat them generously with chalk board paint. You can find them both at your Omaha hardware store. Write the names of each herb with a chalk marker (it will last longer than chalk), and then you will be able to easily locate the goods in your garden. If you are using a lot of potted plants, add a coffee filter filled with old grinds to the bottom of the pot. It will retain moisture and keep your plant happy!

Nothing makes a home feel homier than a garden in full bloom during the spring. You will create a little getaway for your family. Your children will love playing outside, and your yard will be absolutely beautiful once summer comes around. It will be perfect for inviting your new neighbors over for a cookout. And you might even be able to use some herbs or vegetables you have grown yourself!