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How to Avoid Holiday Move Blues

With the year coming to an end it is nice to be surrounded by familiar things; whether it be family, friends, or familiar surroundings, no one wants to spend what is left of December in an empty home in a new town.

Moving during the holidays is not easy, but sometimes it can be the best time to move. Sometimes, people are limited to a holiday move because the holiday break allows for more time off of work in order to move.

All My Sons Moving & Storage has been moving families during the holidays for over 40 years.  Due to our vast experience moving families to and from Minneapolis, All My Sons professional movers have a few tips on how to successfully move during the holidays.

If you find yourself alone and away from your traditional holiday gatherings and celebrations, All My Sons moving company can help you overcome a lonely holiday of moving by offering these 5 helpful holiday, new home tips:

  1. Do not pack away all of your special holiday belongings. Keep a favorite holiday decoration to take with you when you move. Use that item as the first holiday decoration in your new home.  
  2. Do not segregate yourself from friends and family just because you are moving during the holiday. You may find that some family members or friends have moved during a holiday before and can offer you some useful advice. You can even throw yourself a mini holiday going away party and allow your friends and family to help you gather your belongings for your move, and of course, offer them food and refreshments for helping.
  3. If you are not comfortable inviting people to your home, go out. Go to your local coffee shop or park and start to get to know your new community. Go knock on your neighbor’s door and ask them to show you around town. You do not have to wait until January to make it your New Year’s resolution to meet people.
  4. Do not forget that your telephone still works. You may be in a new city, state, or country but you can always pick up the phone and call family and friends so that you can feel more at ease while spending the first holiday in your new home. You can even ask them this year if they would like to spend the holidays at your new home next year.  
  5. Keep yourself upbeat by surrounding yourself with uplifting music. Music has a huge effect on how we feel. If you thrive on holiday nostalgia, play some holiday tunes that remind you of your old home. Try to make your new home feel like your old home and break out your Christmas decorations; go to town decorating your new home for the holidays. Light some holiday scented candles, decorate a Christmas tree, make some hot cocoa or eggnog, and curl up on the couch to watch Christmas classic movies.

Moving to Minneapolis during the holiday season can be tough and All My Sons Moving & Storage wants you to enjoy your move, by making it easy and stress-free, so that you can go out and discover your new hometown of Minneapolis!