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Tips for Making Moving Easier on Kids

Packing up and moving your home, even if it’s just across town, can be a big life change for you and your family. When it comes to your children, they may be leaving close friends and a school that is comfortable for them. While some children are just fine with change and can thrive in a new environment in no time, some kids require a little bit more help adjusting to a new routine. Before you call your local Maryland movers to help get your stuff to your new home, follow some of these tips to help your child deal with the move more smoothly.

Get Them Involved

The home buying process can be fairly complicated, with seemingly endless contracts, realtors, and trying to make the right purchase for your budget. Getting your kids involved in the process can be fairly easy, however, and can help to get them excited for the change. Talk to each of your children and ask them what features they would like in a house. If they really want a big backyard or a special room just for toys, then add those requirements to your house-hunting list. Take them with you when you look at houses, as well. If possible, let them tour a few of the home choices that you have narrowed down to in your search. They will begin feel as though the decision to move is partly their decision and that you aren’t forcing them to leave their home.

Let Them Plan

When a child has only lived in one home, they become very attached and seeing their things in a different room may cause some anxious and confusing feelings. You can help prepare them for how their new bedroom will look by letting them make a plan of the layout of their new room. Draw a simple floor plan and let them fill it in. Having control of their own space will allow them to feel more comfortable in a different space.

Pack Together

It’s natural as a parent to want to pack up your child’s room on your own so that it is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. For kids who are often anxious or don’t like change, this can make them feel out of control and worried about their belongings. Instead, have them sit with you as you pack and allow them help you sort and put their things into their own boxes. Markers, crayons, and stickers can help make packing fun as they decorate their boxes. When the Maryland movers unload their truck, your child will be able to identify the boxes that belong in their new room.

Unpack Their Room First

Moving creates a lot of upheaval and the actual moving day can be quite chaotic. Making sure to unpack your child’s room first can help them feel settled as soon as possible. Once their room is set up the way they want it, they will probably be more than willing to help you unpack the rest of your home. These tips can help you make the moving process less frightening and more fun for kids of almost any age.