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Ways to Save Money on Moving

In the months, or even weeks, leading up to your move to Las Vegas, you constantly have your calculator out to total up the cost of moving into your new home. You try various methods to try and save money, however, the sum still comes out ridiculously high. If you’re doing a DIY move to Las Vegas, it can be especially frustrating as DIY moves are meant to save you bucks. Don’t worry, our Las Vegas movers can show you several ways to save money on moving. Nevertheless, if you have too much to move or have a pre-existing physical condition, our Nevada movers can always lend you a hand with our affordable Las Vegas relocation services.

Tax Deduction

Although it’s not a quick fix for your moving finances, you can still use your move to Las Vegas as a tax write-off. However, there are certain criteria you must meet in order to receive a tax deduction for the move. First, your move to Las Vegas must be job-related and you must work in the full-time job for at least 39 weeks within the first 12 months of your move.1 Also, the move to Las Vegas must be at least 50 miles from your prior residence in order for it to be considered a tax deduction.


Don’t Stock Up on A Lot Packing Materials

If you’re going to purchase packing materials before moving to Las Vegas, remember not to shop for moving boxes so you can save money on moving. In most cases, these boxes are overpriced and there are plenty of free boxes at your disposal, if you just ask around. You can start with your job as there may be available boxes hidden somewhere. Other great places to retrieve free boxes are grocery and liquor stores. Since most of their inventory is shipped in boxes, they should have an endless supply of boxes for you to choose from. Liquor store boxes are especially great if you have drinking glasses as some of their boxes are carefully sectioned inside.

Don’t have the time to go box-hunting? Then you can always opt for our Las Vegas packing services. As part of our affordable Las Vegas relocation services, our packing services from our Nevada movers will help save you time and money, so that you can handle other relocation tasks for your move to Las Vegas.

Declutter Before Your Move

Another way to save money on moving to Las Vegas is to cut down on what you must move by decluttering your belongings. The more items you bring for the move, the more money you’re going to spend to accommodate your belongings. Do you have a messy pile of old charger cables and electronics you no longer use or that old, dusty stack of magazines? Then dispose of the junk properly at local recycling centers.

Affordable Moving with our Nevada Movers

Not able to do a DIY move to Las Vegas? Then feel free to contact our Las Vegas movers. We have over twenty years of relocation experience you can rely on. Call us today for your free, no-obligation moving quote.



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