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How to Move to Las Vegas Safely

With the days leading up to your move to Las Vegas looming over your head, everything in your life seems to go by in a blur. Most likely you’re wrapping last-minute relocation tasks such as changing the address on your driver’s license or scheduling the installation of a home security system at your new house. However, what may not cross your mind during this busy time is your safety. If you’re doing a DIY move to Las Vegas, it’s important to maintain your safety as a priority since you’re more at risk of injuring yourself. Not to worry, our Las Vegas movers of All My Sons can provide helpful tips on how to ensure your move to Las Vegas is safe.


A Good Night’s Rest

Our Nevada movers consider getting a good night’s sleep as a top priority in order to move to Las Vegas safely given that it helps conserve your energy for the big day. Sure, we understand that you may want to squeeze in some last minute packing the night before, but it’s not worth. If packing is too much of an issue for you, you can always opt for our Las Vegas packing services to take the tedious task off your hands.


When you’re lifting and hauling heavy boxes and furniture throughout the day, it’s extremely important to have high energy levels for the strenuous task, especially if you’re driving a moving truck to Las Vegas. According to John Hopkins medicine, around 6,000 fatal car crashes happen annually and 1 in 25 drivers fall asleep behind the wheel monthly due to sleep deprivation.1 So, take care to get at least 7 hours’ worth of sleep the night before.


Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

Since a DIY move can be quite taxing on the body, our Nevada movers suggest staying hydrated throughout the day on how to move to Las Vegas safely. When it comes to heavy lifting, especially in a hot climate, your body will become drained quickly. The more heavy lifting you do, the more likely you’re going to sweat, which leads to water degeneration. About ¾ of our bodies consist of water and failure to stay hydrated can lead to lethargy and dizziness,2 symptoms you don’t want to experience while heavy lifting. So, drink up!


In addition to staying hydrated, it’s just as important to start the day with a well-balanced meal. Eating a nutritious meal at the start of your moving day can provide energy needed for the heavy lifting and hauling. Throughout the day, keep nutritious snacks close by to keep you fueled for the day such as trail mix and protein bars.


Moving with the Pros

If you’re not able to do a DIY move to Las Vegas due to a pre-existing physical condition or you just have too much to move, contact our Las Vegas movers to take the strenuous task off your hands. We provide high-quality relocation services paired with exceptional customer care you won’t find anywhere else in town. Call our Nevada movers today for your free moving quote.



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