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How to Stage Your Home Before Selling It

Selling your home is never an easy task and usually entails putting in a lot of effort. It’s important for buyers to see themselves in the space for them to want to buy it. The Kissimmee residential movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help. Our team is here to tell you everything you need to know about staging your home before selling it.

What Does Staging Your Home Mean?

The Kissimmee local movers know that the best way to sell your house is by staging your home before selling it. Staging your home means that you are getting your home show-ready for buyers to imagine themselves already living there. It sometimes can be hard for home buyers to see themselves in an empty space when they are used to seeing staged homes in magazines and on TV shows.

When staging your home before selling it, you are strategically placing your furniture and decorations to make your home look its best. You can do this in a few different ways, but the most common is to remove your belongings and replace them with generic objects that allow buyers to see themselves in your space.

Tips For Staging A House

If you’re not planning to hire a company to help with staging your home before selling it, then here are some tips for staging a house.

1. Declutter your home
The whole point of staging your home before selling it is so that potential buyers have the chance to see themselves in the space. Making sure that your home is as clean and as empty as possible is the first step to this process.  Be sure to take all personal items out of the rooms and off surfaces such as counter tops and selves.

2. Keep it light and bright
Brighter rooms are more aesthetically appealing to buyers. Make sure you’re getting the best lighting in your rooms when staging your home. You can accomplish this by keeping the blinds open during the day and pulling back any curtains. It also helps to make sure that the light fixtures in your home are visually appealing. This may mean replacing some light fixtures or lampshades.

If you don’t have curtains or lampshades, you can also experiment with different colored light bulbs in different colored rooms to get the best lighting effect. A good rule of thumb is the whiter the light, the more it will look like daylight.

3. Take care of the important rooms first
There are some aspects of staging your home before selling it that cost more money than others. You will want to do these rooms first. These aspects can entail renting or removing furniture, which could require you to rent a storage facility. If you need help packing and storing these items, we offer affordable prices for packing services and climate-controlled storage facilities.

4. Remove furniture
It is recommended to remove about half of your furniture so that your home looks larger. You may also want to remove your furniture if it isn’t showroom-ready. Remove items that are not clean, uniform, or up to date with current styles.

5. Arrange your furniture
Work with what is known as the floating technique, which means that the furniture in your home is not against any of the walls. You can bring this technique together with an area rug to create a cozy feeling in the room.

6. Don’t forget the outside of your house
Make sure that you take care of the outside of your home when staging it. A few suggestions are to power wash the walkways, clean the windows, making sure the house number is clear and visible, cutting the grass, gardening, etc.

7. Add finishing touches
Once you have taken care of the major parts of staging your home, then you can go back and add little details. You can do things like buying fresh flowers to go in a nice vase on the counter, put a bowl of fruit out, fold the towels in the bathroom neatly, even bake some cookies before a showing, so your house has a good smell!

We hope that you enjoy staging your home before selling it! Contact All My Sons Moving & Storage for assistance with your moving and storage needs. Our expert movers are happy to assist with getting your home ready to be sold.