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Moving Timeline – Countdown to Moving Day!

There’s no question about it, moving is definitely stressful! At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we understand just how hectic it can get—after all, we do move for a living! So, now that you are planning a move to Houston, it’s time to plan your moving timeline.

To build a timeline, you should remember to give yourself ample time to move—a few days to a week just won’t cut it, especially if you’ve got a family to move! Believe it or not, the moving process begins with your commitment to the move, so once you make the decision and confirm your move to Houston, you should begin planning. So, let’s get to the timeline!

Two Months Before Moving Day

This is when you should begin the cleaning and organization tasks. Clear out your home of all the garbage, sort out what belongings you’ll be keeping and which you’ll be getting rid of. Start posting stuff online for sale, donate things to local charities, give stuff to family and friends—just start getting rid of stuff! You don’t need to have it all gone within days, but it’s a great time to start.

This is also the time you’ll want to begin looking into a few movers. Are they licensed? Insured? Pet-friendly? Kid-friendly? What’s included in their full-service option? What other services do they offer? Remember to ask the questions that are important to you.

Start gathering supplies. From boxes and totes to tape and bubble wrap and everything in between, if you’re not already getting full packing services in Houston, you’ll need to get yourself all the packing supplies for your move!


One Month Before Moving Day

Book your Houston moving company. Be sure to confirm the date, time, and all the little details!

Make sure your vehicle(s) are all taken care of and ready for the move as well. If you need them serviced: the earlier, the better!

If you haven’t gone full-service or you just plan to pack by yourself, it would be wise to start packing the non-essentials. As you near moving day, be sure to coordinate your valuables so that you know exactly where they are and how they’ll be transported safely for the move.

Go to the post office or visit the USPS website and change your address. You’ll have your mail forwarded from your old address to the new one and have ample time to change your address with anyone from whom you receive mail.

Two Weeks Before Moving Day

If there’s anything that’s not already packed after your non-essentials are all packed, get to the more essential items. Two weeks out is a great time to start packing those other items for your move.

One Week Before Moving Day

Confirm with your Houston movers again for the date and time of the move, this way you shouldn’t hit a snag in the next week—or if you do hit a snag now, you have a decent amount of time to resolve any issues.

Get your important documents ready. Every document related to the move and needed for your new home should be handy and ready for you to access at any time.

Empty the fridge if you haven’t already, defrost your freezer, and clean any messes there may be.

One Day Before Moving Day

Confirm that you have all your necessary documents and that your essentials and emergency boxes have everything you need in them and are ready to get going. By now, you should be fully packed and ready to move.

Relax, get a good night’s sleep, and get ready for tomorrow!

Moving Day!

This is it! Today’s the day for which you’ve planned the past two months! Work with your Houston movers to identify large and heavy items, fragile items, and essentially the what’s what of everything. Remember that you are responsible for verifying that everything was loaded onto the truck and is set to be transported. Check your house over one last time, be sure nothing was missed, and then sign the bill of lading. Once everything has been squared away, you can say your final goodbyes and move to Houston!

We know moving is not always the easiest of all things to do, and that’s why we’re here—to help you with your move to Houston! If you need the help of professional movers at any point during your moving process, be sure to give us a call!