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Why You Need Moving Insurance

While you’re going over your relocation plans with our South Carolina movers, they may offer moving insurance options when you choose a personalized moving package. Whether you decide to opt for moving insurance or not, it exists for a reason. Just like health insurance and car insurance, moving insurance is there to give you the peace of mind that are covered for every aspect of the process in case something goes wrong. Our Greenville further explain why you need moving insurance.

What is Moving Insurance?

In order to understand why you need moving insurance, knowing exactly what it is can encourage you to purchase coverage. Moving insurance operates like regular auto and health insurance. No matter how perfectly you plan your move, accidents can still happen. Moving insurance protects your valuables during the long-haul. There are dozens of moving insurance policies you can choose from, depending on what belongings you have. These policies can protect you from several dangers such as fires, floods, theft, or a mover accidentally dropping your antique vase.

Auto Moving Insurance

If you hire our Greenville auto movers to move your vehicle, you’ll definitely need insurance.  Though our auto movers are highly skilled in shipping all kinds of different vehicles, they’re still susceptible to damage, especially when weather and long-distance moving is a factor. We automatically offer safety and security for your vehicles during the move, while keeping you up to date on the process. However, that’s still not enough for a highly-valued item such as your vehicle.

Storage Insurance

Even though our storage facilities are secure and climate controlled, you’ll need insurance in case of fire, lightning, severe storms such as hurricanes, theft, or vandalism. Insurance for your storage unit can give you the peace of mind knowing you have coverage while you handle other important relocation tasks.

Long-Distance Insurance

When you choose our Greenville long-distance movers to move hundreds or even thousands of miles away, insurance is highly recommended. As we ship your valued belongings and furniture from state to state, a lot can happen during the drive. Yes, we provide quality Greenville packing services to make sure all your boxes are packed neatly and furniture padded securely, however, you never know what obstacles could arise. From weather delays to theft, anything can happen to your belongings and you’ll regret not having them insured.

Move to Greenville with Our Licensed Movers

When you make our professional movers your first choice in relocation services, your belongings and furniture are safe with us. We handle each and every move with extra care to make our customers happy. Being in the relocation industry for years, our South Carolina movers can handle any relocation challenge for you without breaking a sweat. Need help to move to Greenville? Contact us today for your free, no-obligation moving quote!