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Moving to Garden City, Colorado with All My Sons Moving & Storage

Want small town living in a popular state? Well moving to Garden City might answer that question and our Fort Collins local movers are here to help! History was born when the town Greeley prohibited the sale of liquor in June 1935. Residents then wanted a new city, a “wet city” to celebrate and have a good time.

A 10-acre area known as Ray’s Cottage Camp was owned and operated by Mrs. A.F. Ray, she then began to sell her cabins and lots for one hundred dollars. The law at this time was that there needed to be a petition filed with 30 signatures who were also landowners. One of our founding figures Mrs. A.F. Ray, carried the mortgage to make this dream come true- and it did!

Though challenges were faced, and repeals were given on a miraculous third attempt our lovely Garden City was born on August 2, 1938.

Locals who were in Greeley, began to move to Garden City, the town where people would “go over the hill” to drink and dance.  The Garden City locals honor the town and remember when the town was once founded because of prohibition. Residents enjoy Bootleggin’ Days Brewfest in August and come together as a community to have fun and rejoice.

Once you move to Garden City, you can also join in this history rich community and celebrate in the fun and memory of when Garden City once struggled to be even founded. Our Garden City movers are here to help your family with fast and reliable people to make this new move possible.

Moving to Garden City

Packing and unpacking can be daunting, and with all the items you may have who knows how much everything will cost. Not to worry, our Fort Collins movers offer a free, no-obligation quote for all moving and packing services.

Family is important, and at All my Sons Moving & Storage, we understand that. Garden City has a small park that has activities such as disc golf, fishing, ice skating and hockey, plus many more! Did you know it is also just 30 minutes away from Fort Collins, so if you are deciding on what to do, just take a drive with the family and explore your surrounding areas.

Moving to Garden City is a chance to be part of a community that is there for one another, we understand this notion by wanting to help you move and make this dream a reality. There is no need to worry if you are coming from long distance. Our Fort Collins movers have a long-distance moving services where you can track the entire process from start to finish, so you can say “bye-bye” to the stress of moving when relocating from another state or city.

Contacting our professional Fort Collins movers is giving you the chance to invest in something bigger, such as family and at All My Sons we understand that. Call us today!