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What to Do When You Can’t Be There for Delivery

Can’t be present for the delivery of your belongings? That’s alright, you don’t have to worry yourself! There are a few things you can do to cover your delivery to Fort Worth and be sure that you get all your belongings. We understand a long-distance move can get stressful and that sometimes, things happen. So, what can you do?


This is always a great option in the case that you won’t be available for the delivery of your items to your new home. We understand that some things tend to happen that would cause you to be away. We do offer top-of-the-line storage services if you do need them. If you have another facility you’d like to have your belongings stored in, we can bring them there as well.

Change Your Date (or Location).

Being that we don’t operate with contracts, but rather with orders of service, you can contact us to make a change of date or location for your deliver if need be. Keep in mind, however, that this may not be entirely possible if we have already begun work on your move, depending on how far along we’ve gotten; if we are only in the packing phase, we could possibly make a change; if we are already en-route to the original delivery location, a change will not be possible.

Power of Attorney.

Another thing you could do if you cannot be present for the delivery of your items while moving to Fort Worth is grant someone power of attorney. Typically, a family member, lawyer, or a close friend would be ideal. What granting them power of attorney will do is allow them to make decisions and handle your belongings on your behalf while you are away or otherwise unable to handle decisions. In the case that you can’t be present for the delivery of your items, a power of attorney could sign off for them and either put them in your new house, into storage, or whatever else you choose to do with them.

In order to sign over a power of attorney, it would be best to notify the person to whom you are granting the power, have them present along with a notary and a lawyer who can be sure all the documents are prepared and handled properly. If would also be best to notify your movers of your power(s) of attorney if they aren’t already present so that they may know with whom they are dealing.


We at All My Sons want to ensure that you get your belongings and that you are happy with your move to Fort Worth. If you need any more assistance aside from what we offer in this article, or you still have questions about it, feel free to give us a call at our Fort Worth office at (817) 813-8611. We’ve also got even more helpful content on our website for you to check out. If you need more assistance with your move, like some extra supplies or if you need your car moved, don’t hesitate to grab the phone and dial us up!