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Questions to Ask Fort Worth Movers

New to the whole moving process? Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Not really sure what to expect from professional movers?  Or when is the best time to book a moving company? Well, relax and take a deep breath because our experts have highlighted some of the top questions to ask Fort Worth movers.


Rates and Estimates

If not the most important questions to ask Fort Worth movers, this question is certainly up there. Rates and estimates need to first be addressed when you are discussing relocation services with the moving company. I mean you wouldn’t buy a car without first understanding how much you are going to pay for it, right? Not all moving companies are honest about the rates and estimates they advertise, and apply hidden fees and additional charges you cannot get out of if you have signed a contract. Make sure to ask for clarification if there’s something you don’t understand. Some of the rates and estimates-related questions to ask your Fort Worth movers include:

- Is the cost of fuel included in the price of the service or is it extra?
- Is there a flat fee or is the price based on mileage?
- Is there an additional charge for multiple trips or an additional moving truck?
- Is the tip included?


Registration and License Please

Just as a cop will ask to see your license and registration when you get pulled over to ensure you are authorized to drive the vehicle, you should ask Fort Worth movers about their license and DOT registration number to ensure they are reputable. Nowadays, unfortunately, there are a lot of “fake” moving companies out there. People just trying to make a quick buck but don’t understand the logistics and importance of moving. To avoid falling into that trap, always ask for proper documentation. Our professionals always carry the appropriate licenses and our DOT number is visible on every moving vehicle. Each of our local Fort Worth movers has had a thorough background check and has also trained in safe driving practices as well as packing and moving techniques.



When in doubt, talk it out. Ask friends, family or people you know about which moving companies they have worked in the past. To avoid scams or stressing about where you even begin, referrals are the best way to know how a company treats its customers. If your friends and family do not have recommendations, do some research online. Look for moving companies that offer the services you need when you relocate and read reviews and testimonials online.


Contact Us

We understand the stress that comes with moving. Our full-service moving company is always available if you have any questions to ask Fort Worth movers. Our moving consultants will be more than happy to address them and clarify anything you don’t understand and get a free, no-obligation moving quote.