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Living on a Budget in Fort Lauderdale

Frugal Living Tips

New house? Trying to save some cash after a big move? Whatever the case may be, living on a budget in Fort Lauderdale is tough. The good news is that our local Fort Lauderdale movers know the struggle of living on a budget and have come up with a few ways to enjoy your life no matter the size of your budget, even if it’s on the lower end.


Fun (& FREE) Events in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a hot zone for events happening throughout the city each month. From craft beer events to arts and crafts, there is no shortage of things to do. Living on a budget in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have to be hard – want to know why? Well, most of the events that happen in our city are not only fun, they’re also free! Get out and explore what our city has to offer! Our movers in Fort Lauderdale recommend you do a little research beforehand to know which events you’re interested are free and which ones require admission of some sort. Don’t forget to consider potential parking fees.


Save That Money and Meal Prep

We know Fort Lauderdale has some great eateries and bars, but the bill racks up quick! Save that money and meal prep at home. By cooking for yourself at home you will be saving a lot of money that could be used for bills or even a special day for yourself. Fort Lauderdale has a lot of farmers markets and affordable grocery stores where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables for half the price of an entrée at a restaurant.


Set Aside Some Cash

Living on a budget means not blowing your paycheck all in one go. While we want to celebrate our earnings and go out for a good time, it may be best instead to save some of that money and put it into a savings account instead. You will be shocked at how much you saved when the year comes to an end by just putting away even $20 dollars from each paycheck. Living on a budget in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t mean you can’t set aside a little money every month. In fact, make it part of your budget so you get into the habit of saving a little more when possible. After some time, you may even be able to treat yourself to a staycation and enjoy the beach in your own backyard.


Sell Your Extra Junk

Sell, sell, sell! If you’re in the process of moving or just want to get rid of some items you have, sell it to one of your neighbors, friends, families and stores. Local consignment shops will buy your clothes and apps like Offer Up and the Facebook Marketplace are great places to sell not only clothes, but accessories and home goods, among other things as well.


Hire an Affordable Mover

If you are in the process of trying to move, look for reliable, affordable moving companies. The expert moving consultants of All My Sons Moving & Storage consider your moving and budget needs in order to create a cost-effective moving package. Don’t break the bank or go beyond your means by hiring a moving service that doesn’t work with you. Call 305-925-3625 to learn more about the moving services we offer and receive a free, no-obligation moving quote.