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Ft Lauderdale Moving Resources

Get Into Ft Lauderdale!

All My Sons is so glad you’ve joined us in Ft Lauderdale! Here are some resources to welcome you home. 

www.greaterFt Lauderdale.com 

This website has economic updates, a restaurant search feature, and a section devoted to Ft Lauderdale newcomers. 

www.Ft Lauderdaleonline.com 

Trust Ft Lauderdale Online and The Ft Lauderdale News for local news, traffic, and weather reports. 

www.ourFt Lauderdale.com 

Find real estate listings and more on Our Ft Lauderdale. 

www.Ft Lauderdalecounty.org 

Search Ft Lauderdale County Government Online for information on the Chamber of Commerce, community programs, and public service departments. 

www.Ft Lauderdale.k12.sc.us 

Ft Lauderdale County Schools Online will keep you up-to-date on public school schedules and events 

www.sciway.net/city/Ft Lauderdale.html 

The South Carolina Information Highway is a great source of information on jobs, transportation, recreation and business.

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