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Moving to Fairfield, Alabama with All My Sons Moving & Storage

Fairfield, Alabama was founded in 1910, formally incorporated in 1919, and is now home to a population of 10,000 residents. It is “an older city moving in a new direction!”1 The Fairfield movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage offer affordable relocation package to assist you every step of your move.


Proud History & Safe Community

Fairfield is a town rich in tradition, pride, and southern hospitality. The residents in our town have the advantage of living in proximity to a metropolitan city like Birmingham, but they can still come home to their small town in the heart of Alabama.2

They don’t have to travel far to vacation, either. Instead, with 23 state resort parks, many Fairfield residents have almost a staycation. You don’t have to travel far to have a wonderful little escape. For the history buffs, visit the historically black college Miles College, which was founded in 1898.2

Did you know in the year 1913 the chief surgeon Dr. Lloyd Noland came to Fairfield? Hired by the president of Tennessee Coal & Iron Company (TCI) to keep diseases under control, Dr Lloyd Noland established an amazing healthcare system. It helped Fairfield’s citizens combat epidemics of malaria, yellow fever, smallpox, and typhoid fever. Because of the outstanding accomplishment, a hospital was named in his honor, which later accepted meningitis patients when no other hospital would. The hospital continued paving the way for the implementation of new technology to help those in the community.2

While our town of Fairfield had some amazing people that helped to build our community it also helped shape our mission for the school systems today. The Fairfield City School System mission is “to educate the whole child to be prepared for college or the workforce.”1

Fairfield fosters excellence and the Fairfield movers want to get you started by delivering an exceptional moving experience. Come just for visit or stay forever, our community is always open and welcoming to visitors and new residents alike.


Fairfield Moving Services

Our town of Fairfield expects nothing but the best out of their residents, and our local Birmingham movers deliver on that promise. They treat customers with respect and help them relocate safely to Fairfield. Our movers are the professionals you can rely on.


Never lift or pack again when you call our Fairfield moving company. The Birmingham packing service is included in the relocation process and uses the expert movers to safely pack each item away in your home. Our full-service moving company will also supply you with the proper moving supplies such as padded quilts, moving boxes, tape and more!


All of movers in Fairfield have their proper license and certifications to handle your move. Each of our moving vehicles are frequently maintained and are inspected monthly to ensure they meet state regulations. Call our friendly Fairfield movers today to learn more about our relocation services and how our Birmingham movers can help you.



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