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Smart Steps to Take as a New Homeowner

First time homeowner? Let your friends at the Corpus Christi movers give you some pointers!  Getting swept up in all the excitement is a wonderful feeling, but some first-time homeowners lose their heads and make mistakes—don’t be one of those homeowners! With a little guidance and preparation, you will set the stage for financial freedom and luxury all your own.

Set a budget for remodeling and for furniture

Between the down payment, closing costs and moving expenses, you likely used a significant chunk of your funds to buy this new house. Money is tight for most first-time homeowners - not only are their savings depleted, their monthly expenses are often higher as well, thanks to the new expenses that come with home ownership, such as water and trash bills, and extra insurance. Give yourself time to adjust to the expenses of home ownership and rebuild your savings - the cabinets will still be waiting for you when you can more comfortably afford them. Resist the urge to get your home to your exact liking immediately—or you may risk getting into a financial hole you can’t recover from.

Do not put off maintenance.

Sure, fixing the roof isn’t as glamorous as a new sound system, but guess what—you need a roof over your head. Problems will come up and you are now responsible—there is no association to call, no landlord to call his handyman. You are on your own—and it’s best to nip problems in the bud before they progressively get worse. While you should exercise restraint in purchasing the nonessentials, you shouldn't neglect any problem that puts you in danger or could get worse over time, turning a relatively small problem into a much larger and costlier one.

Get an expert to help with your taxes.

Home ownership significantly changes most people's tax situations and the deductions they are eligible to claim. Just getting your taxes professionally done for one year can give you a template to use in future years if you want to continue doing your taxes yourself. They will also help you utilize any new homeowner tax deductions or other areas you might get a boost, like remodeling and other maximizing hints.

Hire contractors when the job calls for it.

Yes, you can paint, probably fix some light plumbing, and even stain floors if you get guidance. But when it comes to heavy duty jobs like the HVAC or electrical wiring, go to the professionals. Your home is both the place where you live and an investment, and it deserves the same level of care and attention you would give to anything else you value highly. Hiring professionals to do work you don't know how to do is the best way to keep your home in top condition and avoid injuring - or even killing - yourself.