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Get Rid of Old Belongings Before Packing for an Easier Move

If you’re moving, and you have more things than you know how to pack, then you’re in the right place. All My Sons Moving & Storage is a Corpus Christi moving company focused on making your move easier. One of the first things our professional movers tell people to do when they know that they are moving, is to get rid of old belongings. The less stuff you have, the less you have to pack, and that means less money that you have to spend on packing services. Most of the time, pricing on packing services is determined by the amount of stuff you have. So, if you’re looking to save some time and money, start decluttering your home.

In order to truly declutter your space, and get rid of old belongings, you should start early. We know that getting started can be one of the hardest parts of packing, but you have to do it. If you start early, you can spend less time packing everything up. You can set aside a few minutes each night, and before you know it, you’ll find that you’re only taking the necessary things with you to your new house.

Our Corpus Christi moving company recommends starting the moving process with a clear image of your new home. You need to look at what you plan on packing, and what is ultimately going to fit into the space of your new home.

If you find yourself not knowing what to keep and what to part with, you should know this is a very common problem. If an item is damaged, it should be thrown away no matter what. Anything that has spent more than six months unused, should be donated. For clothing, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, you’re not going to wear it. You should also donate any clothing, because there are many options for you. You can bring your used clothes to a Goodwill, the local church or Salvation Army.

Sometimes when you are decluttering you’ll find that you have belongings that are still in good enough condition to be sold. You can sell to friends, on eBay or Amazon. This is an easy way to make some extra money, while also decluttering your house. If you really start decluttering early, and have the time and the energy to have a yard sale, you should consider it. It’s an easy way to get the whole family involved, and you can make some spare cash.

We understand that decluttering can be tricky and time consuming, but it is truly an effective way to make your move easier. It also allows you to start over at your new house and not take so much baggage- literally and figuratively. Our Corpus Christi moving company strives to make your move easier, even if you aren’t hiring packing services.