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Immediately Add Curb Appeal

After enduring month after month of cold and gray skies, winter has finally departed until next year. With its departure, spring has once again come to shine some sunlight on your home and to dampen your snow-soaked spirits.

Unfortunately, there is only one problem – there isn’t a whole lot of foliage to shine that much anticipated and welcomed sunshine on. The fruits of your labor produced from your green thumb in seasons past, was not enough to withstand the unrelenting cold weather of the first few months of the year.

While this may dampen your spirits for a second, you can rest at ease, knowing that there are a wide array of trees that not only promise to last longer than their predecessors, but also immediately amp up the curb appeal of your home. Take a look at this list of trees from All My Sons Moving & Storage and try not to have too hard of a time narrowing down which one you want to add to your home!

  1. Japanese Flowering Cherry. While these trees are not fans of critters such as spider mites, aphids and caterpillars, the Japanese Flowering Cherry can withstand a variety of environments. And trust us, you will want this tree in your front yard for spring and summer – because when it blossoms, it reveals bright bursts of pink and white that will brighten not just yours, but your neighborhood’s mood as well.
  2. Northern Red Oak. Animals lovers everywhere should invest in this tree, its red oak acorns feeds not only birds but also squirrels, deer and even black bears. They contribute to nature’s feeding routine on a regular basis as well – seeing as how the Northern Red Oak do not reach maturation until they hit 150 years and have been recorded to live up until 300 years old. Their ability to endure will ensure that you and your family is able to enjoy their bright red fall colors for years to come.
  3. Eastern Red Cedar. While this tree loves the sunshine, it can most certainly adapt to and thrive in any type of soil. The Eastern Red Cedar proves a continual favorite among birds as well – they just can’t get enough of the tree’s berries! The sheer size of it also proves a fantastic way to find shelter from the sun, as well as get a much needed break from windy days.
  4. Fig. Who does not love the idea of getting fruit straight from their backyard? Fig trees produce a steady supply of fruit that proves less messy than the fruit that comes from other types of trees; such as citrus trees. The fruit is so delicious and low-maintenance, you can even eat the ripe figs straight from the tree! The only disclaimer is that these trees may not be best suited for the cold weather, they prefer to be shielded from the wind and cold weather.