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Connecticut Movers Fascinated by Mumbai's Two-Billion-Dollar Home

Can you imagine moving into a one-billion-dollar house? How about moving in to a two-billion-dollar house? All My Sons Connecticut Moving and Storage is fascinated by the world’s first two-billion-dollar home located in Mumbai. Inspired by a stay in New York City back in 2005, Nita Ambani started having ideas of what would eventually turn into an abode like nothing your movers have ever seen out on the job! The skyscraper house towers 550 feet above the ground and has more than 400,000 square feet of living space inside. Nita Ambani is the wife of Mukesh Ambani who heads Mumbai’s Reliance Industries; Mukesh is also the fifth richest man in the world! Considering the wealth of the Ambani family, your Connecticut mover strongly assumes that the move into their mansion involved many moving crew members and also a whole lot of extremely valuable household items! An essentially disposable income sure can enable one to live lavishly and very comfortably, but your mover knows that even the most wealthy of people on the move are still subject to moving-related stress. Considering the massiveness of this monument of a house, there was likely much to stress over when the Ambanis were planning to move into their awesome mansion back in January of 2009. Moving stress happens even to the best of us!


The Ambani home is about the same size as a hotel or high rise condominium building, but what sets their home apart is the intricacy that went into each detail of their home. No two floors are alike; furthermore, on top of unique layouts and floor plans of each floor, each room is also made up of unique material such as the crystal chandeliers that cover nearly the entire ceiling of the home’s spacious ballroom. The first six floors of the two-billion-dollar home is all parking garage, which provides parking for the Ambanis, visitors, and even employees who maintain the grounds. 


If a picture is worth a thousand words, your mover here can’t even imagine how many mouths full of chatter one single visit to this place could conjure up, especially among professional relocation service providers like yours truly!