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Make Time to Clean

Just like everything else we have to balance in life, cleaning is a necessary task that is easy to make excuses for. Here at the Columbus movers, we want to help you make cleaning a priority that easily fits into your hectic daily schedule. With a little effort, you can get in the habit of maintaining a clean house year round.

Use a planner. Just like you pencil in meetings, events, and due dates, set a time to clean. Writing it down will urge you to stick to it and it will also help you see how it can fit into even the most hectic of days.

Be habitual. Clean a little bit each day at the same time. Maybe you like to pick up right when you get home from work, or maybe you like to tidy up during your lunch break. Pick a time that works for you and get in the habit of having a standing appointment with your cleaning products that same time daily.

Make it essential. It’s easy to brush chores off as something to do tomorrow or something you decide you just don’t want to do. Cleaning your house, however, should be a priority—not an option.

Learn cleaning shortcuts, DIY cleaning product recipes, multitasking tools, and a level headed approach to cleanliness. Also, skip cleaning things that don’t look dirty.

Do chores while doing things you enjoy. Fold clothes while you watch tv, or wipe countertops while you chat on the phone with a friend. Doing mundane tasks while distracted lessens the workhorse feel.

Learn about 30 second chores. Wiping counters, cleaning the bathroom mirror, wiping down the sink—these are all tasks that can be done in little to no time. Doing things in small doses will keep you from burning out on cleaning.

Have fun! Blast your favorite music, put on comfy clothes, dance around the house and clean what you encounter. Got children? Make cleaning a contest to motivate them to clean their rooms. Also, using motivators like pizza night after cleaning the house can keep kids excited about cleaning up.

Maintain the clean by creating a chore chart. Daily cleaning is essential to keeping clutter at bay and things in their place.