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Moving Within the Same Neighborhood?

Talk about an easy transition! With the short distance between point A and point B, the familiarity of your surroundings already established, and an obvious favoritism toward your neck of the woods; moving within the same neighborhood is the best of both worlds as far as relocating to a new home is concerned. 

How can I take advantage of the such a local move as moving within the same neighborhood? You may ask yourself this question, and your Cincinnati mover has the answer! There are actually a lot of strategic ways to save the most possible on moving costs when moving so locally. The most obvious of strategies is to lighten up the load that will go on the moving truck as much as possible prior to the moving day. With the help of a sturdy dolly, smaller pieces of furniture, boxes, and many other items can literally be walked to the new home rather than being loaded onto the truck by a moving crew and driven. Saving both time spent on the job and space on the moving truck, it is definitely worth the effort to pre-move as many of your belongings as possible. 

If you are moving a rather large household, it is likely that one moving truck won’t have enough space to carry everything in just one load. In most cases, paying an additional fee for a second truck is the most price conscious option for moving a large household of items. However, with such a short distance between your origin and destination houses, even if a second trip is required in order to move you entire load, one truck is definitely the more cost efficient option. 

With many moving ventures, perishable food is often thrown away due to complications involved with transporting groceries. Relocation service providers typically don’t allow food to be onboard the moving truck for obvious reasons. As a result, items in the fridge and freezer frequently go to waste. With the distance to your new home being less than that between your home and the grocery store, transportation of your groceries is a cinch, which saves you money that you would otherwise spend replenishing your family’s food supply. 

Moving within the same neighborhood tells your mover that you are a fan of your location, which means your relocation experience should be nothing but enjoyable. Simple, stress-free moving day –not to mention affordable! Added with the refreshing feeling of moving into a new-to-you house, you can easily go against the grain by having a nothing-but-enjoyable moving experience!