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The Political Climate in the Windy City Changes, but our Chicago Movers Remain the Same!

Your Chicago Movers are Here to Stay!

Amid a host of controversy Rahm Emanuel managed to surface as the winner of the 2011 Chicago Mayoral Race this past Tuesday.  Emanuel beat runner-up Gery Chico gaining 55% of the vote.

The political climate change didn’t come without the traditional temperature shift locals are used to in the windy city.  Emanuel encountered major opposition when attempting to enter the mayoral race. The turmoil centered on him meeting residency requirements.  An Illinois Appeals Court ruled he didn’t meet the requirements, but the State Supreme Court overturned the ruling and Emanuel’s name was able to remain on the ballot.

When outgoing Mayor Daley announced he would not seek re-election in September, question’s swirled around about Emanuel putting his name in the hat.  Emanuel had previously shared interest in running for Mayor of the City of Chicago.  While Daley’s news was a surprise to many, he shared he had mulled over his decision for months.  Mayor Richard Daley has been noted for making great strides in improving student’s test scores and orchestrating a much needed facelift for the city of Chicago.  Emanuel’s win marks the first time in a couple of decades a Daley will not hold the title of Mayor in the City of Chicago. 

While the political climate of the city has changed some, our Chicago movers are still the same.  You can count on us to continue to provide our customers with the old-fashioned care our name represents.  For over 20 years we have supplied Chicago and surrounding areas with quality moving care.  Our moving crews are skilled at moving during our traditional winter months as well as during much milder temperatures.  Call us today to schedule your move. Good or bad climate our Chicago movers are here for you.