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Remodeling Your Home

Back in 2005, if you made any remodeling to your home, you would expect to recoup approximately 87% of the home improvement costs when you sold your property. Today, with where the housing market stands, you might be able to recoup 60% of the renovations done to your home. So is this the right time to jump into that long awaited project? The Birmingham movers, your local Birmingham moving company, believe that going forth with your renovations make more sense now than ever.

Here are a few reasons one should consider if wondering whether or not to attack a remodeling project. First of all the funding is cheap. Because of the current economic state, now is a great time to take advantage of the low prices of remodeling. Many are simply leaving their money in bank accounts and with the interest rates where they are, you might as well invest in your home. Hiring contractors a couple of years ago was a tough challenge. Today, the same contractors, not only are eager to get your business, but they're willing to offer you great discounts as well. According to CNNMONEY, these contractors will probably offer you anywhere in the ballpark of 10% to 20% lower what you would have paid when real estate was booming.

Materials is another reason why remodeling now is a great time. The cost of supplies has dropped. Plywood has gone down 23%, Drywall plummeted to 29% and framing lumber went down to 35% according to CNNMONEY. Don't be fooled by thinking that all materials have gone down so much. Asphalt for example only went down 7% and insulation is merely down 2%. Even so, materials are cheaper now than they were a couple of years ago.

Even with all of this remodeling, one can't assume that it will be easier to sell a house. The housing market is very tough right now. Of course, the chances of selling your property are greater if the home is well maintained and repaired as opposed to one that isn't. So before you list your property don't be afraid to make some renovations beforehand, it will be easier to sell.

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